First OB Appointment

Today was our first OB appointment with this pregnancy. Last pregnancy we also made it to our first OB appointment, only a week later to be devastated with a missed miscarriage. 

The timeline of our last pregnancy has been haunting me a bit this week. I think a lot of it has to do with the dates starting to overlap…like our last pregnancy our 8 and a half week ultrasound was great, but at our 9 and half week appt there was no heartbeat.  Our 8 week ultrasound is approaching this week and I cant help but be incredibly nervous. I cant fathom bad news. 

Anyways, today’s appointment was pretty run of the mill. Bloodwork, urine sample, paperwork. My urine showed I am slightly dehydrated, which is my fault. I know I havent been drinking as much as I should. With the stomach wounds, I have been trying to limit the amount of up and down movement each day. More water=more up & down. But I am feeling much better surgery wise, so I will make more effort in the H20 department now. 

We were able to set up our 12 week doppler scan in a month, and also the Panorama blood test. Ive set both of these up before and had to cancel due to loss, so of course I was hesitant. Yes, part of me is extremely excited, but I dont want my heart broken into a million pieces again. 

In healing news, two of my bandages fell off as the RE said they would, only 1 left and its the big daddy so I suspect it will be around a bit longer. I have had very light brown spotting when I wipe the past 2 days again ((sigh)), but I am trying simply to ignore it. I am not sure if its leftover from the surgery (which I was told could be very likely to happen) or if its from the SCH. Who knows at this point. 

Since I have been bedridden, we have hired a cleaning lady. We talked about this in the past, and decided now would be the time to do it. We both like a clean house, and I simply cannot do it right now. My husband tries his best, but it is too much for just him. It is his busy time at work now and there is just no way. This being said, she starts Wednesday and I hope she is good and can continue throughout the duration of our pregnancy.

Mothers Day was strange for me this year. I wasnt really sure how to act. It was my first one pregnant, as the past few years I have been recovering from IVF losses. Those sad thoughts stayed with me through most of the day although I tried my best to stay positive about the life growing inside me. Pregnancy after loss is hard, but my mom & I spent the day watching a movie, ordering take out, & making the best of it all. Im so glad I have her. Things could be a lot worse and in no way do I want to sound ungrateful, because that is far from the case. 

Any symptoms, etc?

Itchy on my stomach this week (have heard sometimes thats a pregnancy thing), cravings, tired, thirsty in the middle of the night, and swollen boobs. Ive gained 5 pounds in a week…Im sure its a combo of the bedrest and cravings. Oh well, they didnt seem to concerned today about it. I still cant bring myself to do bumpdates yet even though I think about them frequently. 

Prayers this week for a strong, growing baby!!!

26 thoughts on “First OB Appointment

  1. Positive news! Keeping the prayers coming. Every time I see pineapples it’s another reminder of your journey..and your strength!

    I hired a cleaning service as well (as needed though), do you mind sharing who you are using? I think it’s a great idea and helpful for you!


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  2. I think it’s okay to just get through the holiday. Doing what’s best and needed for you to take care of yourself is by far the most important thing. Sad thoughts of past years stayed with me too this Mother’s Day, even though they technically shouldn’t have. Though, it was the first year without my mother-in-law so it was difficult in a new way too. I asked my husband not to get me anything and we stayed home for dinner. It’s just too hard to think about celebrating a day that has always been so painful and makes so many feel like crap. Honestly, I really wish it was more of a celebration of all women and not just an exclusive group.

    Anyway, it sounds like you are being well cared for and you seem to have a really great relationship with your mom which is so sweet. 🙂

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    • Having lost your MIL had to make it even more challenging this year. Im so glad u did have your little boy by your side though, despite all the painful memories it took to get him here. I am blessed like you said to have my mother & this life inside me too. Thanks for your caring thoughts 😘


  3. It’s so hard to be pregnant after losses. We just want to protect our fragile hearts, and even though we know it won’t hurt any less if we protect ourselves, we still do it. I’m glad you are feeling better and starting to heal up from your surgery. Best wishes for the next appointment. You are in my thoughts! Hugs.

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  4. That’s sounding positive! And what a good idea to get a cleaner!
    I know what you mean about the fear of booking scans only to cancel them… I hate that.
    I haven’t been drinking enough either but am going to keep working on it. It felt like the first part of my pregnancy I was eating so well, and drinking endless water… and now since I’ve been feeling sick it hasn’t been going so well.

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  5. It’s totally understandable that you are nervous going into key milestone appointments. I know it is a cliche but one step at a time & lots of deep breaths! You can do it. Glad you are recovering well from your op. Keep looking after yourself xxxxx

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  6. Great idea with the cleaning lady! I hope your pregnancy is 100% smooth sailing now since your very rocky start! Hopefully with time it’ll be less scary and full of joy.

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