A Miracle in the Making 

I wont keep anyone waiting for this update, because I know how many of you have reached out over the past few days with prayers and support and are following along.  

We went in today for my 7 week ultrasound (well, 6w6d) and my post-op. I was very nervous to go, and told hubby I didnt even want to go at one point. My nerves were confirmed by my blood pressure reading before the scan. It was off the chart. 

Right away, my RE was able to find the heartbeat! It had increased from 115bpm to 130bpm as it should. Baby measured exactly on track. We listened for awhile and just held hands and smiled. I thanked God out loud & said what a miracle.

She then checked my incisions and said things appear to he healing as they should. We looked over all the gory pics from the operation as well. Yuk! Lastly, she noticed 2 small subchorionic bleeds during the scan and wants me on bedrest until my next scan at 8 weeks. So I got a doctors note, hubby took it to my job, and we are all set there. Im going to do my best not to worry about these bleeds. I know how common they are, and that baby has shown to be a fighter so far. We can only pray baby stays this way!

Thanks to my wonderful co-workers/friends, I have some reading to keep me company over the next week or so! They put together a lovely care package for me and had flowers delivered. Feeling incredibly blessed today. 

58 thoughts on “A Miracle in the Making 

  1. Such amazing news!!! I wait daily for updates from Mir about you ☺️ But thought I would check your blog! Yay! Praying for you!!

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  2. Aaww I’m so glad to hear everything is going well!! That was quite the issue.. I can’t even imagine.. I hope everything goes uneventful from here on out!! Keeping you in my prayers (((big hugs)))

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  3. Hooray!!! I am so happy for you! I was telling DH about your ordeal last night and we were hoping and praying for good news! What a lovely care package! And a lovely pic! Isn’t hearing the heartbeat somehow way more real than just seeing it? I could’t believe how hearing it affected me!

    I wouldn’t worry about the bleeds either, I had one too and by the next scan it had completely absorbed back into the body.

    I am so so so happy to be reading this great update! Rooting for you!

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  4. So happy to read this update and know that you and baby are doing well! Rest as much as you can, Mama. I’m glad you have co-workers/friends who obviously love you and want the best for you and baby. 🙂

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  5. Happy for you!!❤️. I too have a sch which was found at 6 week scan. It was 20 mm x 6 mm first and then reduced to 17 mm and then increased to 26 mm. And finally last week it went down to 16 mm. It is very common. If the baby is growing perfect, you need not have to worry. Take plenty of rest, and have 80 oz of water daily. Try to be off foot for another 2 weeks. It helps you!! Good luck.

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  6. hey, i am going through the exact same thing! my baby is due on christmas as well, and my ruptured ectopic happened on sunday evening as well. how are you healing? i have massive bruising. it looks like someone implanted a purple watermelon into my left side. the swelling is so bad and migrating down below with gravity i am actually wearing ice packs in my underpants to ease the discomfort. i am taking acetaminofen for the pain even though i got a prescription for oxycodone but i want to be super careful with the little one still fighting in my uterus. hope all goes well for you. i have a follow-up next week. can you walk and stand up straight yet? i am trying to stand up straight to prevent scar tissue healing in the wrong way but it hurts so much (the operation site but also the muscles in my back are having spasms for overcompensating and uncomfortable rest positions) i would be so happy if you reaponded to my post or got in touch via email. i dont know anyone else who has been through this and the fact that we are exactly the same day along in pregnancy makes it even more interesting

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    • Hello emma! Geez what are the chances we are both going through this? Standing up straight is not comfortable at all still, and either is sleeping. I have some black and blue marks around my belly button mostly, and I am also taking pain relief still. Today I am having some discomfort breathing, which I read could be a side effect after surgery but still makes me nervous. Have u experienced this? Im so happy to hear your little one is still hanging on too. Thats all I can pray for at this point. Did u get my email address on the last comment u left? If not its angvfish@icloud.com


      • thank you for your response! my baby’s heartbeat was 117 bpm on wednesday, (it had been 105 on sunday before surgery) it is such a nightmare to go through, but for now we can just focus on the things we can control like healing, resting, eating well, taking vitamins. i too have discomfort breathing. when i yawn it comes like a shock and takes my breath away for a second. it hurts around the diaphragm area and radiates up into the chest/collarbones. this i was told is due to the gas that they pump in the abdomen during surgery, and also because of the internal bleeding. even though they tried to suction and rinse out the blood, there might be some left and it is caustic and could still cause pain. but if your pain gets much worse rather than better, i would call your doctor. god forbid, but in case you started bleeding again you just want to keep them updated about any strong pain that you are experiencing.

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      • Thanks for the info! Much appreciated. That is awesome news about your babys heartbeat increasing…our heartrates for our babies are about the same 👶🏻 i hope u are feeling better soon, and that baby continues to grow. Please keep in touch!


  7. What a beautiful picture of your strong baby bean, I truly am happy for you! You are one lucky lady to have such a wonderful support group around you, that gift basket is quite amazing and you deserve it. Hoping you rest well this week and your baby bean stays strong.

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