1 in 10,000

Well, yesterday was quite a day to say the least. As we all know by now, I had been spotting/bleeding/whatever you want to call it, for about 10 days. My betas all came back normal-805 at 10dpt6dt, 2500 at 12dpt6dt, 5100 at 14dpt6dt, and 23,000 at 19dpt6dt.  My progesterone levels always looked great at > 30.  We saw a gestational sac, yolk sac, & fetal pole at 5w3d. We also saw no evidence of a SCH, or any other reason for the blood. 

That brings us to Sunday night. Around 10 pm, I started experiencing sharp, stabbing pains on my left side. I got up and headed to the bathroom, sure I was losing our baby. I almost threw up on the way to the bathroom, and I literally saw stars and felt the room spinning. I wasnt bleeding heavily, so I tried to chalk it up and decided to deal with it in the morning. 

I barely slept because of the pain, and when morning came, I felt as if I had 200 pounds sitting on top of me. I couldnt even take a deep breath. My RE said to come in right away. My mom drove me down, and I was prepared once again to hear the worst. But to our lovely surprise, there was baby, with its little heart beating away, at just over 115 bpm. I couldnt believe my eyes or ears, I just thanked the Lord over & over.  

Shortly after the amazing news, the  investigation began. My RE wanted to search around a little and see if she could find where the source of the bleeding/pain was coming from. I knew something was wrong because her & the nurse kept looking, pointing, and talking, and the scan was taking much longer than it ever does (about 10 minutes).  

Finally, she told me the news. The other embryo we had transferred had implanted in my left tube. I had a heterotopic (uterine & tubal) pregnancy, a 1 in 10,000 occurrence. I sat in shock and disbelief as she showed us the screen.  Was this really happening???

She could see blood in my stomach, all the way up to my rib cage under my liver. It had ruptured and I was bleeding internally, hence the horrific pain and bleeding. She started talking crazy about maternal death, and saving my life, and by then, I was just zoning in and out.  She said I needed to go to the ER immediately for her to operate. I was losing my left tube, and another baby. 

At this point, there was no other option. My focus shifted solely to whether or not our other baby in utero would make it. There was a 5-10% chance it wouldnt survive the surgery. Its all I could think about, even though I was technically dying myself. We rushed over to the ER, and they started all the business. EKG, bloodwork, another ultrasound, paperwork of history, etc. 

They went over receiving a blood transfusion with me, should I need one. We discussed the safest anesthesia I could get pregnant. My husband and my mom prayed with me and I was wheeled off. Did I forget to mention it was to the same room I had my D & C from our last baby?? I was out pretty quick thankfully. 

The surgery lasted a good hour and a half. My RE went in through my stomach laprascopically, and made 3 incisions. She did have to remove my left tube entirely. They also removed 150 cc of blood from inside my stomach and other locations, saving my life. 

When I woke up, I heard the best news…baby in utero still had a strong heartbeat after the surgery!!  Thank you, Jesus! My RE informed us that the 48 hours following surgery would play a significant role in baby making it or not. We go back Thursday to see. 

I am surviving now. The pain is pretty intense, but its localized to the stomach area where I was cut. Peeing and moving are the worst. I have already stopped bleeding and have no pains or uterus cramps. I was so scared I would wake up with them from the surgery but I didnt. My RE said she never went near my uterus. Another miracle. 

I am taking vicodin only as needed, and I must be out of work for a week or so on bedrest.  Im really still in shock, but incredibly grateful for listening to my body, having a wonderful medical staff, & a fighting baby still inside of me.  

Our due date is set for 12-25-16. A Christmas miracle. Praying every minute  we make it. 

40 thoughts on “1 in 10,000

  1. I am in awe of you. This is the most insane update ever!! It took a turn I did not expect. How crazy and scary! I’m so glad you have a medical team that acted quickly. Rest a lot and keep thinking positively. Thinking of you!

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  2. Oh my, Angela, what an absolutely terrifying situation. I praise God that you and baby are okay after this nightmarish ordeal! I’m sorry you lost your tube and your other baby, eptopic or not. Rest up, buddy. 🙂

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  3. What a crazy experience. Those are so uncommon! I am so glad that you are okay and feeling better. Definitely true that you know your body the best, so happy that you listened to it.

    It must have been a huge relief to hear baby after that. I am praying for you and your Christmas miracle.

    You have really been through everything on this journey. You really are a survivor.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Love, hugs and prayers.


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  4. Angela firstly let me just say thank god you and your baby are OK! What a scary day you had yesterday and I am so sorry you lost your left tube.

    Lets pray that you have a very uneventful pregnancy from here on out.

    All the best and rest your tired sore body xo

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  5. Oh my goodness hon!! How terrifying!!! I am so sorry you had to go through all that…I’m so sorry you for your loss. I’m in complete shock that this has happened to you. I am super relieved to hear your little fighter is still fighting. Rest easy – Big hugs XX

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  6. Oh my word, what a day!!!!! I’m so sorry for the traumatic operation which you needed, but so thankful that all went well and that baby is fighting fit. Take it easy and hopefully all will be easier from here xx

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  7. How scary! I cannot even imagine. So glad that you had Dr. M to operate on your instead of a strange doctor in a different hospital/ER. She is amazing : )

    Praying for a quick recovery and a healthy baby who keeps growing and getting stronger!

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  8. Oh my, what an incredibly horrific experience. I had tears reading this. I am so glad you are ok, and your little one made it through the surgery as well. I hope everything still looks good at your next appointment. Sending you so much love, and I am so sorry you are going through this after everything else. I also want to say I’m so sorry for the loss of the other baby and your tube. Hugs and love.


  9. What a weekend its been for you! I am so glad that both you and baby made it through the surgery and all is well. Sounds like he/she is a fighter just like you x

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  10. Oh my goodness! That is so traumatic! I am so happy you have a great doctor that caught all of it, and moreso that the uterus baby is still going strong! Give yourself lots of rest and love. I will be thinking of you as you recover from this!

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  11. I am crying for you right now. Have you not been through enough? I’m so glad baby is ok, but so sorry you had to go through this. I love your due date and I love Christmas miracles. You certainly deserve one. Big hugs.


  12. Well that was quite a surprise update! Firstly, I’m so glad to hear you are doing well as this sounds SUPER SCARY! Secondly, I’m also so delighted that the little one inside is still doing great. This one is a fighter! While on this occasion it was not so cool to be 1 in 10,000 it sounds like your doctor is 1 in a million! Keeping fingers crossed that you and the emby stay safe and well. xxx


  13. Wow, is all I can say and praying praying praying…for baby and the miracle of God’s love and healing. Thank God for medical staff and Mom

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  14. First and foremost, I am so glad to read you are okay and made it through surgery without any major complications. But I am so sorry you had to experience that in the first place! That is so scary. Hoping that baby stays strong and you welcome your Christmas miracle this year.

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  15. Oh my goodness…definitely not the post I was expecting from you. I am so happy to hear that you are doing okay and that you listened to your body and I’m thankful your little one is holding strong and seems to be a fighter. Praying that you heal quickly and that baby continues to grow strong and thrive. Sending you lots of love and big hugs.

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  16. Wow wow wow. Praying and wishing with all I have that your Christmas miracle continues to defy odds. I have a great feeling he or she will. How terrifying and I am so grateful you are on the mend. Xo

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  17. How scary!!! Glad that your bubs in utero is still hanging in there! Hope you recover quickly and have a safe and smooth pregnancy. I am sorry for the loss of your other little one 😦

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  18. Angela, I cannot believe what you have had to deal with. I am praying for you and your miracle Christmas baby. God is in control!

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  19. Oh my God. What a crazy story! I’ve never heard of that outcome in all my reading. My God I hope you get to hold on to your miracle baby. Will be waiting with baited breath.

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  20. Oh my gosh, what a scary thing to happen. I am so glad that they found out quickly and managed to operate, and saved your baby. Hope your recovery is speedy. X

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  21. Wow Angela…I am just catching up and in shock. First, I am so happy that you are ok and that your baby is ok. I was so worried when I started reading this. But wow…I mean, I cannot believe all of this. What a miracle that they were able to do the surgery and keep you and baby safe! I am in awe! Please take care of yourself, rest up and keep us posted…lots of prayers and positive thoughts sent your way!!! xoxo

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  22. I’m only just catching up with blogs and I can’t believe what I am reading! So sorry you have been through such a terrifying time. So glad you have been well looked after. Sending love for a swift recovery xxx

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