A Scare 

As I mentioned in my last post, I started spotting brown on Thursday. I didnt think too much of it, because brown is old blood and I know many women spot during their pregnancies. In addition, I didnt have any cramps and our beta increased from Wednesday to Friday. 

Well, the spotting continued, and on Saturday, it turned from brown to pink to red. And more than it had been. It was still only when I used the bathroom, but the amount on the toiletpaper had definitely increased. I basically put myself on bedrest for 2 days and started to think the worst. 

Then I had the worst night possible. I woke up to excruciating pains in my left hip bone in the back. I was in tears. I didnt know if this was related or not to the bleeding, or if perhaps we had hit a siatic nerve from the daily PIO shots.

When morning came, my mom came over and comforted me since Hubby had to work. She brought me food, cleaned the house, and prayed with me. I dont know what Id do without her. Seriously. 

Anyways, on Sunday I called the on call doctor. I was still spotting, but no cramps. They said they would get me in Monday morning. I assumed they would just be doing another beta, as I am only 5 weeks and 3 days along, and I know how early this is to see anything on a scan. 

When I got to the RE this morning, they asked me to do a UTI test (results back in a few days), and draw my progesterone (still above 30). Then my nurse said there isnt really a point to doing betas now, instead lets do an ultrasound and hopefully we can confirm the pregnancy is in the uterus and rule out ectopic. 

I asked her what she hoped to see this early on. She informed me that a gestational sac would be great, but even if we didnt it was okay. She said she didnt think she would see a yolk sac this early. I prepared myself again for the worst. I knew how upset Id be if she saw nothing, especially after the weekend Id had. 

When she put in the wand she immediately said she saw a gestational sac! And then with a surprised voice, a yolk sac too! I blurted out loud, “thank you, Jesus!” She turned the screen so I could see and she pointed to the little spec where the fetal pole is starting to form. By next week we should be able to see the heartbeat. She printed out the pic for us to keep. 

And while we dont know the cause of the bleeding, we are SO relieved today. We are grateful this pregnancy is in my uterus. We are grateful the bleeding didnt equal a loss. We are grateful for such incredibly strong beta numbers with just 1 baby. We are grateful my uterus still looks great. So many things to be grateful for. 

We pray this little baby is a fighter. Our miracle, take home, rainbow baby. Please keep growing…we love you so much already! 

58 thoughts on “A Scare 

  1. Hooray! Such happy news. I had unexplained red bleeding at exactly this time in my pregnancy, too. I spotted for a few days after the red blood and then it was gone. Sometimes there really is just a fluke bleed. I know it’s scary as heck, though! Can’t wait to hear about another good ultrasound next week. Xo.

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  2. This brought me to tears, the fight and love you have for each and every single baby is undescribable. Continued prayers for your Rainbow and a wonderful pregnancy 🙂 Nothing but blessings spoken over you, hubby, and baby.

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  3. Pleased to hear about your scan result! Check out my last few posts. Your story sounds pretty similar to mine. And actually in my first natural pregnancy I had brown spotting from week 5 to 9. I actually think it was all progesterone related in both pregnancies despite bloods showing decent levels. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing! X

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  4. I love your response to the nurse finding the yolk sac and your overall attitude of gratitude. What a scare indeed! I thought something must be up when you hadn’t posted, but I’m so glad it was only a scare and nothing more. Keep on growing strong lil baby!

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  5. So glad you are alright now, but what a nasty scare. Glad your mum was able to come and look after you. Fabulous to see such a great scan picture, congratulations xxx

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  6. Oh I’m happy and scared for you at the same time! I’m really glad that you had an ultrasound. Hopefully the bleeding will stop and everything will be fab from now on! Thinking of you. Xx

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  7. So happy for you and Shane…..Praying Praying….yep your mom is great! So glad you have that support system. God is Good, All the Time, God is Good..

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