Down to the Wire

Transfer day is just a few days away! Hard to believe it is finally here!!! 

I got an email today telling us what time to arrive, with a few other instructions. I always request a valium before transfer so I am chilled out to the max, so the prescription for that was included in the message. The valium is also nice because as soon as I get home it causes me to take a nap so my embies can start snuggling in good!!

The email went on to confirm my request of them filling my bladder before the transfer, rather than me filling it myself. I have had this done for prior transfers and it is a Godsend for someone with a small bladder. Years ago, I went through various tests at a urologist only to eventually find that my bladder is 3x smaller than that of a normal sized bladder. Ehhh. The only way to fix this is to operate (no thanks) or take medication for it everyday for the rest of my days (no thanks again). I have learned to just deal with it on a day to day basis, but transfer day is different. 

Anyways, when my RE fills my bladder, it eliminates me from having to worry about drinking at all pre-transfer. Can we say awesome?!? Instead, they fill me up through a catheter immediately before the transfer. I dont need to hold it nearly as long this way and they control the amount needed to fill it. They drain it for me immediately following the procedure too so I can comfortably lay and rest for some time after. My RE actually likes filling it for me now, as she says they can get the images of my uterus as clear as possible!

The last thing the email addressed was being sure to eat a light meal, high in protein before we arrive. I plan to eat grilled chicken breasts. Hubs and I did some shopping this weekend and stocked up on all the healthy fruits, veggies, drinks, & snacks I need (or want) for my 2 week wait. Yum!!! We plan to get all of our meats the morning of transfer since we dont go in until the afternoon that day. 


I have mixed emotions as we speak about the next few weeks. I am feeling nervous yet excited, afraid but oh-so-very- hopeful. I know I have done everything humanly possible on my part, and the rest is up to Him! 

24 thoughts on “Down to the Wire

  1. Ahhhh how is it only 2 more days?! I’m so excited for you! And, also, it’s normally probably super annoying to have a small bladder, but in this one instance it sounds like a plus. 🙂

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  2. You have absolutely gone above and beyond for this cycle. That’s really something to be proud of. I’m very proud of you! xx
    And that’s interesting about them filling your bladder for you. Don’t catheters hurt going in though?

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  3. Sending you tons of support and positive vibes. Looks like you’re all set! I love the pic of all your healthy stuff to help with implantation. Good luck, you’re in my thoughts!

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  4. You got this. And it’s really happening! You really can put your mind at ease knowing you did everything you can on your end. The two weeks suuuuck but they too will pass, hopefully with great news on the other end 😉

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  5. That’s interesting about the light meal. I never got any such advice about what to eat and when (before, after, whatever). I had a tuna and cucumber sandwich before my transfer – looks like I might have fulfilled the brief by accident! In any case good luck and I hope it’s a success! xxx

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