Our Pregnancy by LMP

LMP, or last menstrual period…used to date pregnancies. 

According to our LMP (if we get a positive pregnancy test in a few weeks from our FET) we would technically be considered pregnant right now, as we speak!! Exciting! 

Our LMP was March 18, 2016 (thats how we get our Christmas miracle!!)

In the world of ART (assisted reproductive technology), this LMP date is also used to determine EDD (expected due date), but not discussed nearly as much.  Specifically in IVF cycles it is not mentioned a lot. More talk revolves around retrieval and transfer dates.  Just to make it all more confusing I guess. Having gone through years of IVF, I finally have it all down and know how it aligns to a normal non-assisted cycle. 

Anyways, it is kind of strange to think that our embies (that will be transferred back into my uterus soon) would technically already be in my body, as egg and sperm, should they not have grown together in a dish to form embryos over two years ago. 

Since I like to pretend we are reproductively normal from time to time, and since I really want this transfer to work, I am pretending we are currently pregnant. Because hey, they will be using my LMP of March 18 to calculate my due date anyways, so why the hell not?? In a “normal” pregnancy this is how it would be. So for now, my LMP will be celebrated as a pregnancy milestone! 

15 thoughts on “Our Pregnancy by LMP

  1. Hoping the best for you and Shane.
    My prayers are always for God to be with you both in health and happiness.
    May all your needs be met.
    Happy Easter

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