FET #3-Lining Check #2

Yesterday was lining check #2 of 4 for our FET. This is more monitoring than a usual FET because of past issues cycling (lining is slow to grow!) 

Here is a recap of my lining so far-

  • Baseline -3mm
  • Scan 1 (1 week of stims)-5mm
  • Scan 2 (2 weeks of stims)-6mm

As you can see my lining grew 1mm in the last week. I was hoping for more growth than that, but we are still thankful it grew at all. We have about another week and a half for it to continue to grow. Hopefully, by then it will be at least an 8 or 9! Especially with the Viagra that was just added in and more acupuncture this week. The whole purpose of this medication is to increase blood flow and lining thickness, so we will see. 

I am trying to stay positive, as I was feeling a little down yesterday. Starting to let my mind wonder with all the what if’s. I am doing all I can, and its up to God what happens from here. My RE pointed out how great my uterus looks overall on the scan and showed me. No fluid, no masses, a trilaminar lining. All good things to focus on, right? 

24 thoughts on “FET #3-Lining Check #2

  1. Ah no wonder you do so many scans. Sometimes it’s hard to keep positive but like you said, it’s really up to God and we can only do what we can do. You are doing a great job! And a great looking uterus is such wonderful news. I hope that next week your lining will surprise you in a really good way.

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  2. I’m sending you lots of love and luck! It’s still weird and a little amusing that we are so grateful and happy that our lining is thickening and our uterus looks good. Like other people are happy they got a new “toy” or something, we are over here like “YAYYYY my lining is getting thicker!” uugghh LOL but here we are, hoping for a thick lining, or whatever our individual issues may be. I’m glad you are staying positive through this! Lord knows it isn’t easy! I feel stressed when I’m trying and when I’m not.. I kept thinking that taking a month off between cycles was good for me, but now, not so much! Damn our biological clock! TICK TICK TICK…

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  3. Hooray, I’ve been awaiting your lining update! I know it’s only 1mm, but growth is still growth! Hopefully the Viagra (seriously, I still can’t get over that one), acu, and time between scans will make a big difference. A lot can happen in 1.5 weeks. The What-Ifs will still come and go, but keep strong and focused, you’ve already come so far!

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