Transfer Day “Stuff”

One benefit to being an IVF vet is that you know what to expect on transfer day and can prepare for it (for the most part).  

Since this is our 4th transfer (4th times a charm!), I feel more prepared than ever before. I am not really talking mentally, although I do feel good about that too. I am referring more to the fun (oh Lord, did I just say fun!?) side of all this I guess? If there is such a thing?! 

Anyways, here is what I have planned so far for FET #3, transfer day #4 (still a few weeks away)-

Transfer Day Shirt-Of course none other than a pineapple would be acceptable (followed by eating some pineapple core)! 


Transfer Day Pineapple Socks– ordered online & never worn before! Waiting for the big day to sport these.


Transfer Day Pink & Blue Baby Charm Bracelet-passed down to me by a family member, and fellow IVFer who had her miracle twin babies. She wore it during her journey, and now I am wearing it through ours.


Transfer Day Drink of Choice… Organic, Sparkling Pomegranate (carbonated water)- This old wives tale drink is delish and we have a pretty good stash ready to go post transfer. 

Transfer Day Snack of Choice…Brazilian Nuts! Another old wives tale for sticky feet. All stocked up!


Transfer Day Reading-recommended to me from a few ladies in my IG community. This book is so adorable & perfect for any couple trying to conceive! 


Transfer Day Therapy- Circle + Bloom meditation continues. Except now its transfer day/post transfer listening time!!!


Im sure a few other transfer day things will be planned as we get closer, but I just couldnt contain myself from being excited and thinking about it all today!! 

Prayers for a nice, thick lining at Mondays appointment. 

43 thoughts on “Transfer Day “Stuff”

  1. I know we just met, but I expierenced difficulty concieving so I will be praying dailey for you and Shane (Shawn hee hee). I truly believe in the power of prayer. Love Uncle Mickey and Betty

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  2. So on my first DEIVF attempt I wore a necklace that said “I wished for you” that a blog friend had made for me. On my second attempt I decided to be a bit more badass and wore my Madonna concert tank top that says “Bitch I’m Madonna”. Our third attempt is coming up and I’ll definitely have to think of something new this time. Maybe a ball gown ? πŸ™‚

    Crossing fingers and toes for you!

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  3. Looks like a great list! That shirt is so cute. It’s so great that you have all these plans. That book looks really cute, I’m going to check it out.
    Good luck!!!!!!!

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  4. Love the shirt and socks idea! And all the rest, too. I hadn’t thought about most of these things (except the Brazil nuts, pom, and core), but I love the idea of trying to make it fun. Well, “fun.” You know what I mean πŸ™‚

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  5. Wow, you are prepared! Lol as much as one can be I supposed lol the only thing I have is an open heart necklace I wear! Lol I love the pineapple stuff! I didn’t know pineapples helped.. I wish you the best and Sending baby dust to you!!

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