Word Press reminded me this week that 1 year ago I started this blog. I can still remember the night I did. I laid in our bed, in the middle of the night, on medical leave from my job, just weeks past our third miscarriage, groggy from all the pain meds I was taking to numb my pain. I was in bad shape to say the least. 

I came across a blog titled “I am 1 in 4” that detailed a womans story through recurrent pregnancy loss.  I read it and it touched me deeply. I almost felt as if I had wrote it myself.  So I thought, hey what the heck, maybe Ill give blogging a try. Never did I imagine it would turn into what it has. With over 400 followers, I am truly humbled and blessed by the support I receive. 

Everyday I log on to read and follow your journeys. I comment as much as I can because I love supporting you. I yearn to blog when I havent in a few days; its like free therapy for me. Writing is in my blood, Ive always enjoyed it. 

Throughout the past year, this blog has taught me many things.

It has taught me patience and perseverance. Good things come will come to those who wait and dont give up. 

It has taught me not to compare my story with others. Everyones path is unique. 

It has taught me to be more empathetic towards others; that you never know what someone is battling on the inside. People can hide a lot through their smiles. 

It has taught me how amazingly resilient women are. Simply amazing!

It has taught me the unwavering strength and love of a mother. Like none other. 

It has taught me what really matters in life and what doesnt. Family is number 1; you cant take your money with you.

It has taught me how to be a more understanding wife. Venting, and seeing Im not alone. 

It has taught me how to cope positively. Writing brings no physical or mental harm. 

It has taught me how you can connect with someone you have never met through a terrible tragedy you share. Sad, but true. 

It has taught me to be myself and not worry if others will judge me for it. Life is too short to dwell on what people say. 

It has taught me that I will be OK, and that I am in charge of writing our happy ending. 

It has taught me many, many things, above all else, that I am not alone. 

Tonight, I am so thankful for all of these things learned, and for you as I reflect on this anniversary. 

21 thoughts on “Blogversary 

  1. Happy anniversary! Like you I didn’t expect much when I started writing, but as I read your post I found myself agreeing with many of the learnings you shared.

    Writing is a wonderful gift and sharing in each other’s journeys is too. Thank you for sharing, it has helped me too. Xo

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  2. Happy Anniversary!!. This is one of the first blogs I have started reading among fertility journey blogs. I was really impressed with the details and decided to start one :). I am really thankful for that. I always felt I am not alone, and felt the virtual hugs sent from the fellow bloggers through my blog..Keep writing, keep inspiring us!. Good luck for this blog to be upgraded soon to a pregnancy blog and then to a baby blog..XO

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  3. I am really glad we have connected through the blogs. You are such a lovely person, full of kindness and compassion for others. I am rooting for you and look forward to you becoming a mummy one day. xxx

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  4. Happy 1 year! I am so glad that this outlet has helped you so much. I too have learned most of those things on this journey, and I can’t wait to learn the rest. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all.

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