A Mothers Intuition

I have been confiding in hubby lately about a hunch I have been having. Maybe I could call it my motherly intuition?  

Recently, I feel very strongly that when we do eventually have our baby, it will be a girl

This thought may seem silly, or even superficial to some (trust me its not), but it has randomly been popping into my mind a lot the past few months. When it happens (usually out of nowhere), I catch myself smiling from ear to ear.  The weird rush that comes over me when it crosses my mind is hard to explain. I feel so full inside. 

Ive never had an intense feeling of the gender of our child before actually being pregnant with he or she. Completely clueless, in fact.  Only after finding out I was with child did I get the intuition of our babys sex and it prove correct. 

I have never been set on having a girl either, so Im not sure where this is all coming from.  Since our troubles TTC, all Ive prayed (and still do) for a healthy baby over and over.

Maybe its nothing, but I still want this inkling of mine on the record, and now it is 💗

10 thoughts on “A Mothers Intuition

  1. Interesting! I always had intuition around pregnancy- I knew before I tested and unfortunately, I knew a pregnancy was ending before it got a chance to begin, so I believe in the power of intuition, big time.

    I got gender wrong though – but for me I have yo be honest it was more a wish than a hunch.

    I remember you posting a while ago about buying some baby items for the next tww and allowing yourself to enjoy the process again. I think that’s so healing. We should be ‘allowed’ to do it any way we want. I occasionally got onesies and little odds and ends that felt special to me – like the little elephant lamp in Smoochies room. After losses, I put those items away. But they came back out when it felt emotionally safe and when I was able to add them to the nursery, it was like kismet. I love seeing them and in a way even though they remind me of the kart four years, it’s in a good way. It doesn’t hurt.

    I’m excited for the day when you get to announce a healthy baby girl. I have so much hope and I’m glad you’re feeling hopeful, too.

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    • I also had that intuition with being pregnant/not pregnant/miscarrying too. Except the last time-i really did think that time was it. Im glad u were able to revive some of the things that u have collected throughout the process. I hope I can do that one day too. Thank u for being hopeful for us! Cant wait to see Smoochie enter the world soon 💙

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