Care Packages 

I have grown to know such wonderful women through this blog. I think about all of you so frequently, wondering how you are doing regardless of where you are in this journey. I look forward to reading your posts everyday, even if I dont always comment on them. I anticipate our conversations and the advice, hope, and encouragement you all offer. 

Recently, I have realized that I do not have many of your addresses.  In fact, I only have 1 fellow bloggers address who I sent a baby bible to, she never got the package, and I never got it back either. I was so upset, but I learned my lesson, and from now on I will keep my receipt, get tracking of some sort or pay with my debit card instead of cash.  

I found much joy in getting her something special that it made me really start contemplating how wonderful it would be to surprise a fellow blogger with a care package from time to time, whether it be during a treatment cycle, suffering a loss, celebrating a new baby, enduring motherhood troubles, or simply just to brighten a day. I think several of you in this community blogging for some time have already been doing this, what a great idea. I love to give to others anytime I can, one of the reasons I love Christmas time so much I think.

Of course, I know some people like to keep their home address and/or name private, totally understandable. I am picky about who I give mine out to as well. If you are comfortable with it and dont mind receiving a little surprise from me one day, please email me your info (blogging name, real name, address) at

Looking forward to spreading some  sunshine!

26 thoughts on “Care Packages 

  1. I love this idea! You’re so sweet. I have thought of this often too… sometimes I feel closer to my “blog friends” than my real life friends, because as you know TTC and RPL can be ALL CONSUMING and if you don’t “get it” sometimes it’s hard to relate! xxx.

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  2. I love this!! I do random care packages or cards to my girl friends! Small gestures that really can change someone’s day and make them smile even only for a little while 💜💜💜 xx

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