Just in Time For Valentine’s Day!

Awhile back I posted about renovating our master bedroom. Neither my husband or I have bought any bedroom furniture throughout our entire 16 year relationship together. I still had my parent bought dressers from when I was 14 and thats what we were currently using. 
We always envisioned a dreamy & romantic master suite, with a headboard and the likings. This year our dream came true just in time for Valentines Day!


We ordered all of the furniture from Bassett’s HGTV design studio. It was super cool, we got to pick out the color, fabric, and finishings on everything. It took about a month to come in but was worth the wait. Designing everything made us both happy because after waiting so long we didnt want to settle for something we half liked. 

We tore up the original carpet and baseboards that were in the room when we bought it back in 2007 and replaced them with a dark laminate flooring and larger baseboards. We also painted the walls light grey, with a darker grey accent wall behind the bed.  Love the colors!

The finishing touches were things like the throw pillows, drapes, roman shade, brushed nickel rod and finials. I didnt have to buy any accessories thankfully, I was able to reuse items from around the house thanks to my moms help.

We are in love with it all & havent gotten out of bed much since the arrival! Instead we have ordered pizza, cooked spaghetti, and rented movies like, “The Martian” & “Tomorrowland.”  I was also blessed enough to receive a handmade card from my hubby with the most heartfelt poem and “cuddle coupon” inside.  

I am off today in honor of Presidents Day and will be heading to my RE for my LAST lupron injection. Also, we will review our FET protocol for this time around.  Wish me luck! 






20 thoughts on “Just in Time For Valentine’s Day!

  1. Looks great! Your house always looks so lovely from the pics you share.

    BTW, is that a dog bed I spy in the corner? Ours has his bed in the corner too. Except he picked his own spot and we were forced to acquiesce 🙂

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