A Few of My Favorite Things-Part 2

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of “A Few of My Favorite Things.” Today is Part 2.  Writing these posts have been fun for me & a break away from my usual infertility blogging. Hope you enjoy them too! 

  • Mrs. Meyers cleaning products-we use the dish soap, hand soap, countertop cleaner, & window cleaner. Im obsessed with the smells (lavender & lemon especially)  of all these natural products! So good. I used to have to pick up these items at the health food store, but now most big box grocery stores are selling them. 


  • eos lip balms-Im guessing lots of you ladies use this product already! Im not big into make-up at all. In fact, all I put on on a daily basis is foundation. That said, these are ideal for me as I dont use lipstick.  I also love how compact they are and yummy they taste! 


  • Himalayan Salt Lamps- we have two, one in our master bedroom and one in our guest room. They have amazing benefits to using them, and they take the place of traditional, dust collecting lamps too. I cant wait to buy a cute one for our babies room one day! Heres what Mercola has to say about them 


  • Mrs. Bragg’s Salad Dressing-I get the ginger & sesame flavor. I will be honest with you-it takes a certain set of tastebuds to enjoy these dressings. I have always been an oil & vinegar girl, not into ranches and heavy dressings. If you dont like vinegar, you wont like this either. I have offered it to a few people and they did not care for the taste. I absolutely love the taste, its refreshing and light. There is none other like it. 


  • Spellbound Merlot Wine-for when I need a little something extra to unwind. Hubby found this one for me and its my go-to now. Its not too strong as some reds are for me. Just right for relaxing! 


  • Pure Life Shampoo & Conditioner-again, if you are trying to get away from all the chemicals, parfums, & dyes found in regular brands, try this out. Its comparable in price, and good on the scalp. Lots of scents to pick from. 



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