A Few of My Favorite Things-Part 1

Thought I would share some of my everyday, happy “things” that I just cant live without. These “things” help me get through the days, that turn into weeks, that can turn into months or years of infertility treatments.  

  • Nubian Body Wash-comes in a variety of scents, but the best one hands down is the Goat’s Milk and Chai with Rose extract. I get this product at our local health food store, and am SO in love with it. If you like the smell of fresh flowers you will be too (who doesnt??).  Nubian has a whole line of other beauty care products as well and I swear by them. If you are tired of using lotions and washes packed with parfums, dyes, and fragrances, from places like VS & B & B check this product out. 


  • Badgers Aromatherapy sticks-every morning I roll this onto my temples. I use Cheerful Mind Balm unless the day calls for a different one, like Stress Soother or Headache Soother.  Its a morning ritual now. Not sure if its really doing its job, or if its a placebo effect thing, but I dont go a day without applying it now because I believe it works.


  • Now diffuser & essential oils-we pitched all of our candles awhile ago and replaced them with this diffuser and a collection of essential oils. Our go to oils are lavender and eucalyptus. We really love the aromas.


  • Dr. Teals Foaming Bath-I take baths almost daily for relaxation. And lets be honest, who wants a bath without bubbles? Dr. Epsons Avocado Oil is my favorite. It smells so refreshing and pleasant to soak in. I have very sensitive skin too and this mix is ideal for that. 


  • Natures Plus Energy Shake-Breakfast has always been a hard meal for me. I dont really care for breakfast foods, and I dont like to eat much in the mornings either. As a result, I kept finding myself not eating in the mornings which is a problem.  This is an easy shake to make and I drink it every morning now.  They have a million flavors fo choose from, I stick to good-old, vanilla & throw in a banana of my own sometimes.


  • *Thai Crystal deodorant-if there was only one product that I could persuade you to get, it would be this one. I learned about it through word of mouth. This deodorant is pure salt. It works better than any other deodorant out there does, I promise you. Plus, a bottle it lasts forever, its cheap, totally natural, and you cant even tell you put it on. Try it, you wont be disappointed. 


  • Desert Essence Face Wash-another inexpensive jewel. I used to break out all the time, not anymore. I gave a bottle to a friend who had the same problem and she loved, problem solved. Again, another fragrance-parfum-dye free soap that will last you awhile. 

I hope that if you are looking for a product in any of the areas above this can help give you some ideas! I know it took me years of lots of trial and error to finally nail down what works for me.  Feel free to share some of your happy things with me 😊

24 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things-Part 1

  1. Ooo I am totally interested in that deodorant. I use soapwalla, a hand made product by a women in New York. It’s hand applied, which was a little odd to get used to but I had such a hard time finding a natural one I liked! I also want to try your desert essence face wash. Mine, by Alba botanicals, is almost out. I like it but am always into new things. Thanks for the recommendations!

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  2. Glad for the deodorant review. I’ve bought SO MANY natural ones b/c I don’t want aluminum, but they all seriously suck and I always end up all stinky haha! I’d not heard of this kind before so want to give it a try!

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  3. I have struggled with severe infertility for the entirety of my adult life; I have seriously spent 14 out of the last 15 years trying to become pregnant (taking a 1 year hiatus during the ONE pregnancy I’ve had, resulting in my beautiful boy.) And for the last 2 years we’ve been at it again with no luck! It’s very easy to “drown” in the depression and self-loathing that infertility brings with it; this post is so needed to show some of the beautiful things (and I love that you’re a “tree-hugging hippy” (as my Daddy would call it) just like me!) in life that are easily overlooked! Thank you for reminding me to stop and take inventory of the things in my life that bring me joy. Would you mind if I used this idea in my own blog to remind my own readers to do the same??

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  4. Thanks for the deodorant post! Even unscented and “natural” ones give me huge hives. I tried this and love it so much. I’m so relieved that I finally found something that I could literally cry. I was running out of options, lol!

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