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I have had this draft post saved since summer 2015. As we finally approach our FET, I figure its time to publish it.

I would LOVE the advice of anyone who has been on the blood thinner Lovenox in a similar situation to mine. 

Let me preface this by saying that the *only* blood clotting disorder I have is Prothrombin Thrombophilia (Hetero, or just 1 copy).  I have had several RPL panels, genetic tests, etc. to confirm this. 

Here is the Lovenox history-

Pregnancy 1-miscarriage. No lovenox treatment during this pregnancy. D & C comes back “inconclusive” as to genetic anomalies in baby. 

Pregnancy 2-natural miscarriage, genetic make-ups of babies not known. No lovenox treatment during this pregnancy. 

Pregnancy 3-missed miscarriage. Treated with Lovenox from before the transfer, and through pregnancy until days before the D & C.  D & C proves baby is genetically normal.

So, as you can see, I have miscarried both on Lovenox & not on Lovenox. 

I have now talked to my OB, 2 RE’s, and a Hematologist about whether or not I need this blood thinner moving forward.  Heres the general consensus-

Hematologist-yes, I will absolutely miscarry without it.

Both RE’s-not for taking it initially since I only have 1 copy, but after 2nd loss figured we should go for it with pregnancy #3; now not sure if it could have been what got me as far along as I was, or if it could have had an adverse effect and even caused a loss. Wtf? I guess there are some studies to support this out there. 

OB-no, I dont need it unless I carry both copies of the disorder, or am homogenous for it. 

ME-so freaking confused, but leaning towards not doing it this FET cycle even though I have a bunch of shots leftover from last cycle.  Hubby is supportive, and is just as unsure really, and so is my mom too. 

Here are some of my wishy washy thoughts on the matter-

  • I feel like the Lovenox didnt do its job last time, why would it this time?
  • What if it did do its job last time and the mass just caused the loss? 
  • Or did they both cause it? 
  • If I got pregnant naturally, I wouldnt have ever been on this drug, or even known I carried a copy of this mutation…I would like to be as natural in this totally unnatural process as possible!
  • What if we get rid of this mass now, dont do the lovenox, and I really did need it? 
  • If there is a future genetic issue, the Lovenox doesnt matter anyways (maybe thats what happened with pregnancy 1 & 2?)

Plenty of women with my condition don’t go on it, and have completely normal pregnancies —like half the women in my family!!!  BUT, on the other hand, there are also lots of women who recurrently miscarry, do go on it & achieve success. 

I guess we would really just like to make our mind up on this so we can finalize a few other decisions such as immune treatment with the FET. 

The best case scenario is that someone out there reading this has lived through it and can help a little! Please share if thats you! 

23 thoughts on “Lovenox Help

  1. Ok, so I am not in any way a doctor, obviously, but if it were me, I would go on Lovenox this time around. I think you are right that the mass could have caused the miscarriage and the Lovenox WAS doing it’s job last time. I think it’s at least worth going on it again to test that theory. I have had no adverse side effects except severe bruising, but I am taking it twice a day. I think most people only take on injection a day.

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  2. I would go with the hematologist’s advice. This is a doctor who has spent her life studying this, and knows more than your REs and randoms on the internet. Heck, go to another hematologist if you really want to feel secure.

    I know that I have beat myself up about a cup of herbal tea or using scented shampoo when it happened to me again, so I would do everything in my power, including horrible awful Lovenox. Anyone on Lovenox has my sympathy.

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  3. I am a survived of a PE and have been in lovenox for over a year. Our first miscarriage, I was not on any blood thinners. Our second miscarriage I was on lovenox. There is not risk to the baby while on lovenox and there have been studies on baby aspirin and pregnancies. Why not ask of you can go on baby aspirin if you do not want to be on lovenox? I am a health nut and do not like taking medicine. Saying that I want a baby and ivf is our only path to archive that. Ivf is not natural in any way so adding one more drug to help is not going to hurt you but give you a better chance. Just my thoughts on the topic. Best of luck with your journey. Sounds like we will be doing FET cycle in March which sounds around the same time as you. May this year be our year xo.

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  4. I agree with the others who suggested to get a second hematology opinion. Hematologist says yes and OB says no, so an objective opinion from another expert could be the tie breaker. REs sound like they’re confused and could be convinced either way.

    I found this site searching for info a while back: with Dr. Sher. Obviously I can’t vouch for authenticity but as far as crowdsourcing online, maybe he can shed some light on this.

    I hope whatever option you choose has the best outcome.

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  5. Oh man. Well first I have ZERO personal experience, so unfortunately can be of no help there. And I’ll also say that is a real humdinger. It’s not b/w at all….

    But on thinking of it, and comparing to my own circumstances which are not similar but did have a decision point, I’d go with taking it. This last time was an everything and the kitchen sink approach – as long as there were no major downsides – and it seems like with lovenox there won’t be issues taking it, though there is some question as to whether you really need it.

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