Anniversary Trip

Totally stoked to share that we have booked a cruise to the Bahamas for our 9 year wedding anniversary this August! 

Originally, we were looking to book a trip for our 10 year anniversary in August of 2017, but we soon realized that there were some really great deals out there that we could take advantage of this summer.  

Thanks to all of your suggestions in one of my prior posts, we had so many amazing destinations to investigate! We ended up going with a cruise to the Bahamas for a few major reasons:

  1. We have never been there
  2. We live in South Florida, so its just a hop, skip, & a jump away
  3. We have cruised once before & enjoyed it 
  4. We *may* be pregnant (20 weeks to be exact if we transfer in April) and do not want to fly anywhere if we are.

There are so many areas of the Bahamas to explore, and the cruise will only touch a few of them. If we like the islands, our idea is to return next year for our 10 year, and stay at an all-inclusive resort like Sandals in Exuma Bay (you can swim with pigs here!!!)
We did this very same thing with our engagement and honeymoon-we first cruised to various parts of Mexico during our engagement, loved it, and decided to honeymoon at a resort there the following year, which we loved even more.  So thats the plan with the Bahamas. 

Im so darn excited people! Hubby & I have already started looking into our excursions and what not. As of now, we have a few things booked, but they could easily change over the next couple of months. One of the excursions we booked is swimming with the sting rays (not happening if preggo) and another is a snorkeling beach day.  We also booked a couples massage, which we have never done before! Hopefully we will get to see some entertaining shows and hit up the casino for some fun as well.  

Another special part of the cruise is that our room has a balcony. When we cruised before we had an inside room and had no issues with it, in fact it was really dark and thus we slept quite well. However, we both like the idea of having a cocktail or ordering room service and dining on our balcony just the 2 of us if we feel like it! So exciting…and whats even more exciting is that it could be our babymoon!!!! 

14 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip

  1. How fun! We went on a cruise to the Caribbean for our honeymoon this past November. We loved it!

    We fell in love with Jamaica and Grand Caymen and decided to book a trip to one of them for a vacation in the future.

    Have a blast! What cruise line are you sailing with?

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  2. Ok, I know you typed a lot of words here, but all I can see is “swim with pigs.” Swimming with pigs?! Holy canolis would that be rad!

    (I actually did read the whole thing—have fun, your cruise sounds like it’ll be a blast!)

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