A Scare

Things have been relatively uneventful on the Lupron Depot the past 2 months as Ive said. That was until last week. 

When I first started my menstrual cycle early last week, it was right on time and rather light. I expected it to be light as my RE told me it would be and I also read that it would be.  And my cycles are light to begin with anyways.  

Well that “lightness” lasted about 3 days. Then it got pretty heavy, and that has continued on and off now for about 8 or 9 days. Usually my cycle only lasts 4 days max. Ive lost track of exactly how many days its been going on to be honest. 

I figured I should inform my RE of what was occurring, so I did, and she ordered me to get blood drawn ASAP. There was an immediate concern that the Lupron might not be doing what it should be doing… *SIGH*… seriously?


Side note: I cringed when I saw the word “STAT” on the order.  Havent seen that since my beta hell days.  

Well, I got my results back, and thankfully, all of my levels are as they should be if the Lupron is (trying) to do its job shrinking this mass. However, Im still bleeding. My RE doesnt think this is normal, so I am headed in for a scan in a few days just to be safe and cover all our bases. 

Dont ask me what safe would be at this point, because I have no freaking clue. Over the years, Ive learned not to ask too many questions ahead of time, because it can all change at the drop of a hat anyways. I am pretty sure I heard her say something about checking my lining, but I just said “okay.” Ill figure it all out soon enough when I see her. 

Praying that it looks as it should because gosh darn it already….shouldnt something just be easy?!?!

30 thoughts on “A Scare

  1. I totally understand. Although I’m not on Lupron. I got my period on November 30. It was on time, super light for a week and I thought it would be over. Then I bled until yesterday. And most of the time it was heavy, heavy bleeding. Atleast your doctor is acknowledging the fact that it isn’t normal. My doctors basically said “sorry not sorry”! Good luck!!!

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    • Thanks for understanding my desire for a little ease at this point! It sure would be nice. I hate the thought of bleeding like this again, makes me realize what I could be dealing with again if we have another loss. Hoping its nothing major and we can move forward with positive thinking!

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  2. I wish you could catch a break my friend. I’m glad your RESERVATION was proactive about it. Endless bleeding is the worst, I totally feel your pain on that end. Praying that everything looks good on your scan ❤

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  3. Hoping everything is ok! Funny you mentioned cringing at the STAT, when I opened the paged that was the first thing I saw and it took me right back to beta draws too : )

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  4. Well first I wanted to say i hope everything is okay. I’m sure all that extra blood loss must be making you tired on top of everything else.

    Second, I think you’re approach of taking it appt to appt is smart. I tended to (and still do) read into things and get myself all amped up reading into the ‘signs’. But I’ve found during this process that doing that doesn’t pay because it stresses me out, and as you say it all gets interpreted differently minute to minute.

    Still – glad you’re taking care of you. And am hopeful this will get resolved quickly.

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