Lupron Injection #2 

We are 2/3 of the way through treatment as of today! Woot woot! I got my 2nd injection done this morning and it was just a *little* bit worse than the first time. 

The only reason I think it was more painful today was because I knew what to expect and thus, I tensed up the muscle pretty good when the needle was going in. By the time she told me not to tense up, it was too late. Lol. But it was still over rather quickly & Im just happy its done! 

On my way out we set up 3 more appointments-

  1. Injection #3 (the final one)
  2. Hysteroscopy 
  3. FET consult with RE for our dates/plan

I was also given a script for some bloodwork. A total CBC and beta before the hysteroscopy, and then another one for all my levels before the actual FET. My nurse confirmed they got my most recent pap results from my OB while I was there today too. Overall, I felt like it was a very productive visit! 

After the appointment, my mom & I went to lunch by the water at our favorite spot by my RE’s office. 

Almost exactly a year ago to the day, we ate there together after one of the twins (good) ultrasounds.  We discussed this briefly, but there was a sense of peace with it.  I shared with my mom an image of the grief cycle and how I feel I am *mostly* on the up & up now.  


Lunch was delicious as always, and we browsed a few of the fancy shops afterwards for fun (most of the tank tops are like $80 each and there are no sale racks!). Finally, we stopped by a plant nursery on our way home since my mom is redoing her landscaping.  The weather is absolutely gorge out today, mid-60’s and sunny.  

Now its time to ice/heat this buttocks of mine so it doesnt cramp up! It already has a few times since earlier this morning 😳

18 thoughts on “Lupron Injection #2 

  1. Yay for being 2/3 of the way done with that HUGE needle! I still can’t get over it. Glad you had a relaxing time afterward with your Mom. Looking forward to more updates in the near future. 🙂

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  2. We’ll have to try that place next time we have an appointment with Dr. M : ) We always try to get lunch somewhere fun down there after an appointment to make ourselves feel better. We usually go to Dune Doggers but will have to try somewhere new.

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    • I havent heard of Dune Duggers! I am going to look it up. We are always looking for new spots by there too. Its a nice little treat after like u said! Have u tried The Woods yet? We are headed there next month. Its supposed to be delish!


  3. OK first, who spends $80 on a flippin tank top?! Second, that seriously was a productive visit! Third, maybe next time for your last (hooray!) shot, you should have that nurse pretend to stick you a few times so that your body will be tricked into thinking the injection is over and you’ll naturally untense.

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