1 Month In 

Now that it has been a full month on the Lupron, I figure I can accurately assess my side effects. They say that the first month is actually the worst (see below). 

If the first month is indeed the worst, then I am doing just fine. I do have some ‘things’ going on that I wouldnt normally, but they are manageable. More annoying than anything. Here they are-

  • Crazy dreams/nightmares-on the regular. They are usually violent (people attacking me, never me attacking anyone, so dont be scared friends! Lol) and even when I wake up from them to go pee or make myself realize its not real, I fall back asleep and they continue on again. Getting up is only like a pause button, weird! Last night, I kept getting scissors shoved into my back...c.r.e.e.p.y. 
  • Hot flashes-I notice I dont wear my cardigans as often as I used to. These were my go-to pieces of clothing, even during the hotter months of the year. Now its cooled down considerably, and I dont seem to feel the drop much at all. Wearing cardigans/sweaters is a struggle! I wore one yesterday to work and was agitated by the end of the day. In fact, I had my sleeves rolled up & my hair pulled back.  I am usually ‘that cold person’ that everyone knows…not so much anymore. 
  • Weight gain-see my post yesterday on this one. 
  • Nausea/stomach issues-not that frequent, it comes randomly in waves. 
  • Moodiness-I broke down last night. Im kind of embarrassed now even thinking about how upset I was. Long story short, two nights ago my hubby came in the room before bed and said there was a lizard on the porch acting all weird, like he was having a seizure or something. Keep in mind that I like lizards & catch & release them anytime they actually come into the house (they are all over our porch). Hubby said he thought maybe the lizard was just cold so he put down a towel for him to lay under. I didnt buy the cold story but whatever, I went to bed and figured he would be OK by morning. I didnt notice the lizard again by the towel until 24 hours later the next night (last night).  And there he was…flopping and rolling all around, mouth wide open, cleary in a lot of pain. I was horrified. I woke hubby and told him he had to put him out of his misery. I was balling and he looked at me like I was batty. He did take care of it, but I kept questioning  why God would have let that poor little guy suffer like that for almost 30 hours. I know, sounds ridiculous. But its the truth! I was so mad and upset about it.  So, as you can see, I can get emotional pretty quickly. 
  • Forgetfullness-this is actually improving a little I think (haha!) but the first few weeks were rough, mainly at work. Not that I forgot anything major, but the things that I usually didnt need a reminder list for before, I do now.  
  • Fatigue-I have a hard time getting up and getting ready in the morning. I used to get in to work at least an hour early, now its more like 30 minutes early or less.  Once I get going I am fine energy wise, its just the initial start up. 

Side effects that I do not have & was worried about-

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness 
  • Anxiety (hooray!)
  • Depression 

Supposedly, this will be the last month I have my menstrual cycle for awhile. It was super light this month (like the regular Lupron period is), but by next month it will be completely gone I have been told. We will see about that, I have *never* skipped a period unless I was pregnant in the 24 years I have had it. Guess its a side effect though. 


6 thoughts on “1 Month In 

  1. Omg, your lizard and dream stories were horrible! I too can’t handle a suffering animal and would be totally crazy about that, with or without Lupron! Here’s hoping the first month crazies tone down and you can feel back to normal very soon 🙂

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    • Omg girl, it was horrific (the lizard especially) just because I am such a softy for living creatures as is, and the meds realy put me over the edge I think! Then with the nigtmare, I kept jumpin up everytime the scissors went in my back…awful! I pray I can return to normalcy soon too, although I guess it could still be a lot worse.


  2. Ahh, I can relate to the strange emotions part. I never cry, and I was totally teary eyed at all sorts! I feel bad even thinking about your poor lizard. I hope you begin to feel better soon!

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