Lupron Depot Injection #1

Today marks officially moving towards FET 3. My 1st of 3 monthly Lupron intramuscular injections is complete. For any new followers, this is hopefully going to shrink my Adenomyoma that an operation didnt get rid, which could be a culprit of my recurrent pregnancy loss.  

As I arrived at my RE’s office today with presents in hand, I couldnt help notice the pretty Christmas decorations all around me.  And as I sat in the waiting room, it dawned upon me that this is our 3rd Christmas in that office. Hard to believe. Last year, we sat there pregnant and the year before that, we were gearing up for our very 1st cycle there. I couldnt help but wonder what next Christmas will bring…will we finally have our baby home with us? I hope so. 

As I waited, I also noticed the very pregnant lady and her partner next to me. I overheard that they were there for an off-the-record gender scan. My RE does these for patients who have been through the IVF trenches around 15 weeks if they do not want to wait for the OB scan at 20 weeks. Its a really nice gesture in my opinion.  Anyways, you could see the delight on the couples faces.  For a moment or two, I was struck by grief.  Then I couldnt help be happy for them. God only knows what they have been through. I cant, and I wont judge. 

The injection in my a$$ was not too bad. My nurse did a fine job. I asked her to pose with the massive needle for a picture beforehand (gotta have some fun, right?) and she happily did.  

I jumped when the needle went in (ouch!) and felt (and am still feeling) warm sensations from the waist down on 1 side of my body. But thats it, no bleeding or any issues.  I still plan to just take it easy and lay around today regardless.  

I am pleased the injection went well, because I was a little nervous about it leading up until today.  Now that its done, I am more worried about the side effects. I guess only time will tell with those.  I did start my Aygestin today as well, which is a form of birth control known to minimize the menopausal state my body will now be in from the Lupron.  Please stay away menopause feelings! 

Upon getting dressed, I could hear the staffs excitement in the adjacent room. I knew immediately it was the gender scan taking place. When I exited my room, I was faced with my nurses in the hallway as they exited that room. It was a weird awkardness. One of them broke the silence and said, “its going to be you next,” as another chimed in, “and we will all be right there, gathered around you, hugging you!” and yet another, “oh yea, most definitely.”   I just smiled, hugged them, and wished them a Merry Christmas.  I dont say it often, but I am beyond thankful for their support.  

I set up my next injection for 1 month from now, and the 3rd for a month from that.  I also received the schedule of transfer weeks for each month of 2016. She printed one for me, which I guess they arent supposed to do (dont ask me why). Being a VIP does have its benefits! Lol. Looking at that schedule was not easy at all.  I realized I have been handed a transfer schedule 4 times now, everytime thinking I would never need to see it again.  

Hubs and I have kicked around the dates, and if all goes as planned with this current treatment, we would like to transfer in early April. This would mean I would do all of my monitoring over my spring break in March.  It would also be close enough to the end of the school year should another tragedy strike. And, it would mean our baby would be born before 2016 ends, our Christmas baby.  

I am glad to have the 1st injection under my belt. I have been putting it off since my hysteroscopy in September.  It was a hurdle that needed to be crossed.  Now lets pray that it does its job and shrinks that mass! 

14 thoughts on “Lupron Depot Injection #1

  1. We have the same doctor and the photo of that counter in the exam room brings back all kinds of feelings for me- happy, sad, anxious, fear, you name it. Hoping that the injections work and you will bring home your miracle in 2016!

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    • I cant believe we have the same RE! Did you have success there yet? I know what u mean about those rooms bringing up mixed feelings. The room for my injection yesterday was the same room we had 2 prior transfers in 😳 thanks for the well wishes & Merry Christmas!


      • Yes, thank God we just had our miracle baby in October after 4 losses. We are actually one of those stories that I hate (even after it happened to us). We took a break from treatment last January due to Dr. M being out of the office for the Christmas holiday and my work schedule not matching up and got pregnant on our own with the help of acupuncture, Metformin and progesterone and were finally able to stay pregnant thanks to those three things and some good luck/lots of prayers.

        I am not sure what made the difference but I do know that without Dr. M’s treatment plan with the Met and the progesterone (probably the cause for my first three losses, forth was a cornual pregnancy to we lost after 6 ultrasounds at 12 weeks) we would have never been successful.

        Hope you were able to have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas!

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