Time Line

We are currently trying to make a few decisions about when I should begin the Lupron. After getting all the insurance approvals, the pharmacy finally called this week and it should be delivered to me sometime next week.  

Basically, we have to decide if we should-

  1. Start the Lupron mid-November. This would mean I would finish it mid-February, and transfer in mid-March.
  2. Start the Lupron in early December, finish it in early March, and transfer in early April. 
  3. Wait until the new year to start it, finish it in early April, and transfer early May.

Now keep in mind all of these scenarios would mean the mass was proven to be shrunk via Hysteroscopy and conditions were right for transfer. 

Here is the dilemma, or dilemmas should I say with each option above-

  1. If we start the Lupron mid-November it will mean a few things. One, I will be on it when we go on vacation for Thanksgiving, which means I will very likely be experiencing the brunt of the side effects then. I was really hoping to just relax on our trip. Also, with this start date comes a mid-March transfer. The positive to that is that it would be around my spring break since I am a teacher.  But here comes the negative…our state testing is in early April this year. So, if we became pregnant mid-March, I would be only about 7 weeks along come state testing. During testing, we have to walk around our rooms non stop for 90 minutes a day and the stress levels are high. I encountered our first miscarriage during state testing back in April 2014. It would be almost exactly 2 years ago this happened, can we say Deja Vu? 
  2. With option 2, not starting the Lupron until December, I could enjoy our Thanksgiving trip unmedicated. The problem with this would be that transfer will likely fall early April and in that case, it could land right upon our testing days. There is no way to tell now if it would exactly but by my calculations, there is a high probability. This being said, I would have to miss administering the tests.
  3. Option 3, waiting until the new year to start to begin the meds. I really dont want to wait that long to start, because logically speaking it is giving the mass more time to grow. This is a big deal to us. But on the other hand, a May transfer is nice as a teacher. God forbid something go wrong, summer is almost here. And this year we actually get out of school in May. 

I guess it boils down to whether or not I want to be medicated on our trip, and whether or not I am going to let my job control my decision. 

Ideally, work aside, I would like to go with the middle choice I think (start meds after the trip in early December, transfer early April).  Anyone have some thoughts on this? Thanks! 

20 thoughts on “Time Line

  1. Angela, you touch upon such an important topic here that I don’t think most people realize. It is the dedication to the job and our students that most teachers live their lives by. We do let our job dictate our decisions. I have missed some important family functions because I didn’t want to leave my students. My advice to you would be to do what is best for YOU. In the long run, that would be what is the best for your students, also. Praying for peace for you as you make your decision.

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    • I agree with you how most people likely dont realize how as educators we plan everything around our students. Thanks for being able to relate and helping me remember that putting myself and family first is whats most important!


  2. I agree with Adrienne.. doing what works best for you is most important. It’s just so hard to know what is ‘right’, which I really don’t think there is a right way. Thinking of you and praying.. ❤

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    • Thanks for the prayers and thoughts Sondra. I know u remember what its like to teach and the stress that comes along with that and RPL. Its tough! Planning treatment around it is difficult. You are right, I just need to do whats best for me. Missing work doesnt matter in the scheme of things. Ive done it before and everyone survived!


  3. I am inclined to say the middle. Enjoy hat vacation but then put yourself first and ideally avoid the stressful testing altogether. This is the one area where I really think you should put you and your family first. Xoxo

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  4. Sean had to miss the FCAT the year Emma was born. He was devestated to say the least. Someone will be there to administer the tests if you can’t. I know it’s a difficult choice because you want to be there to support your kids during their testing. I think the 2nd option sounds like it’s the best for you personally looking away from the professional aspect. Praying for you and Shane as you make your decision.

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    • Im so blessed to have such wonderful co-workers and co-spouses like you all in my life. Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing that experience with me. You are correct, someone will do what I am not able to should that be the case. Its hard to miss, even last yr when we had our 3rd loss in February, I was back in March to give the test to my students. Like you said, that support weighs heavy on our minds I guess! Again, thanks for caring and for keeping us in your prayers ❤️


  5. Ditto all the above. You absolutely have to make the decision which is best for you & your husband, you guys come first. Also it is so important to be able to have times where you can relax and have fun so I definitely would vote for the option where you get to enjoy the holiday season because you guys deserve it! xx

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  6. As a teacher I totally get where you are coming from. I feel like I have spent the last few years trying to figure out what school holidays my doctors was open on so that I could get procedures and appointments done without taking too much time away from my classroom.

    In regards to the medication, last year we went ahead with heavily medicated cycles in November and December and we had a few vacations during that time and I definitely feel like our enjoyment of them was affected by my crappy side effects. Also, I found that the meds made me feel more depressed/out of sorts that i usually would during the holidays. This was magnified by the fact that our 4th loss was due around Christmas but I should have known that I was already a little too prone to sadness during that time of year to then add meds and their side effects. On the flip side, waiting can be so difficult to deal with I totally understand why you would want to get started (as I did too).

    Hoping you can figure out what works best for you!

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    • Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for sharing. I am so sorry about your losses. You brought up some really important things that I hadnt fully considered. Our 1st was due Christmas, and then we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd on Christmas. Being on meds during Christmas might make me super emotional. Its def something to think about as we try to make a decision.


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