Lupron Update 

Last week, we decided we would be moving forward with ordering the Lupron Depot intramuscular injections. These will be given once per month for 3 months in hopes of shrinking the Adenomyoma in my uterus.
My nurse originally informed me that this particular dosage of Lupron would be rather expensive, and that it is usually a battle with insurance for any coverage of it.  She also mentioned that there were coupons out there that may be able to bring down the cost a little. I used coupons like this with my Crinone and Mini-velle in previous FET cycles so I am familiar with them. 

To be honest, I was pretty annoyed that it would be costly, especially since the regular dose of the subcutaneous Lupron is not expensive at all (like 120 bucks for a bottle that lasts about 3 months).  Also, the idea of spending a lot on medications that arent directly linked to a transfer is tough to swallow. 

Anyways, I heard back today on the final cost… 

God is good my friends! I was floored by this good news. Keep the positive vibes coming! 

Will update when the goods arrive…

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