Fashion Fix

I love fashion, specifically clothes. Although I love attire, I wouldnt say I am what you call “fashionable.” I try, but I dont have that natural gift of it.
I also love shopping.  I used to love physically heading out to the mall to shop, but as time goes by, I enjoy that part of it less and less. Now I really only enjoy going out and shopping for household furniture, knacks, and such.  I dont know why the shift in disliking going out and shopping for clothes occurred, but nevertheless it did. 

If I had to guess, I would say I stopped enjoying it around the time we started our first IVF. Why? Well, for one, IVF cycles change your body.  So does being pregnant 3 times in less than a year and miscarrying.  In addition, I think once I became pregnant, I started wanting to “nest” more, which involved going out and buying things other than clothes for myself.  

A friend of mine mentioned an online shopping site, Stitch Fix, not too long ago.  I have never been a huge fan of online shopping because I have a tough enough time fitting in things just right as is. But when she told me she had the same issues, and this site was different, I figured I would give it a try (hey, I wouldnt have to leave home so what the heck!).

Im guessing plenty of you know about Stitch Fix already, and might have even used it (sorry to bore you).  Basically, you go online and create a profile and they ask you a bunch of questions about your style, assign you a personal stylist, and then send you items based on your style. 

You can sign up to receive a delivery of 5 items every month, every other, or every 3. When the items arrive, you have 3 days to decide whether or not you want to keep any of them. At that time, you log on to your account, pay for what you want, and send back what you dont in the pre-paid bag.  Im all about easy, and this seemed easy to me. 

Here is what I received with my first shipment (each item comes with a cute style card):


Keeping! Couldnt believe they fit perfect! Jeans are always hard for me
Returning! Cute, but I have enough and prefer solid cardigans




Keeping! Totally my style to a T!

Modeling the keepers!
Returning! I have a sickness, and its that I cant do cheap purses no matter how hard I try.
Overall, I am very pleased! My hubby and I both really loved the jeans and flowing blouse. I plan to sign up for the every 3 month delivery (great pick me up delivered to my doorstep every once in awhile!). I think the once a month is a little too much for my beer budget, and every 3 months is about how often I used to hit up the mall. Like I said, I am all about easy when it comes to clothes shopping now adays…if you are too, check it out! 

18 thoughts on “Fashion Fix

  1. Bahahaha I am cracking up laughing because we now have the same blouse!!! My husband loves it on me because it’s low cut 😉
    Very cool that you got some good stuff from it!
    I think the whole quality thing depends on what budget you set for items, so i think you can either write in your profile you don’t like cheapie purses/handbags or select a higher price range if it’s on the list!
    That’s awesome the jeans fit! I think it’s pretty brave to put jeans on the first box because they are v particular to the individual!! I love a good stitch fix as a surprise…I’m going to request new work outfits for my next box!!

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    • Hahaha no way! We have some great taste in style! Good to know about the prices/quality, I was only on the site the one time so I need to play around with it for the next order. I thought the same thing about the jeans! But so happy they fit perfect (totally not the norm for me!). How often are u set up for shipments? Have u been doing it for awhile now?


      • Clearly amazing taste!!! I prob would have also picked the pretty vest type top too that you were undecided about, but I’m a complete sucker for tops (don’t tell them that!!)

        I’ve only had two boxes so far. I chose to get one box every 2 mths, which I will prob change to every 3 mths after the next one because I will have refreshed my wardrobe by then!!

        Oh they have an app now too makes it a whole lot easier 🙂

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