A quick update for those who have been following along…

My MRI is set up for next week. After talking with my RE, I will still be going to the same hospital she requested, even though the particular specialist they want to read it is no longer there.  

My RE and her colleagues are in the process of trying to track him down, but regardless, I can get the MRI in the meantime, and then just sign a release form for whoever we want to read it after the fact.  

At this point, we really just want to know the results so we know what options we will be faced with. The short of it is this:

If it’s an adenomyoma, we will probably try to shrink it for 3 months with Lupron suppression. If its a fibroid, they will likely want to try to remove it again. 

If either of these fail, gestational carrier is the next recommended form of action. Im not sure what we will do after the MRI results…one day at a time for now.  

26 thoughts on “MRI 

  1. Fingers crossed. I don’t know what to hope for but I am hoping and praying that you and your husband find peace and comfort in any decision you have to take.
    Hugs. The MRI itself is painless (although I had one done for my head, so I cannot say how it will be for the uterus)

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  2. Fingers crossed it’s easily suppressed or removed.

    As someone who started off with a relatively ‘simple’ infertility problem who then went on to find out it was more complicated and then required donor embryos, I’m wondering how you feel about the potential of using a surrogate? Has that ever come into the conversation before? I remember for me, I was so fed up I brought up the idea of donation to my clinic and by that time I’d let go of the idea of a baby being DH’s and then it seemed natural that it didn’t matter if it was genetically mine, either. But before that, probably a year prior, it was a new concept to me and as luck would have it, I was able to grow accustomed to it on my own timeline.

    Thinking of you – sending good thoughts for the MRI.

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    • Thank u for the caring thoughts. Yes, as of our last appt surrogacy has come up as one of our options. I posted about it briefly last week but was so shocked that I couldnt process it all at once. Like u, we started off as a relatively straightforward issue (male factor) that has now turned into this mess! Looks like we will have to make a decision soon and the MRI might lead us the way to go…thanks again for sharing 😊

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