Packing it All Up

Last night was spent packing up all of our TTC/IF/IVF “stuff” yet once again.  Over the years, we have boxed up all of this “stuff” up and put it away time and time again for things like failed cycles, pregnancy losses, etc.  Since our FET cycle has officially been called off, I figured it was time to do a quick sweep of the house and find all the items we had been planning to use starting this week but won’t be and get rid of them.  Here is what I found so far…

Item 1: 

Lovely TTC Crate shipped to me with lots of special goodies inside. I actually just got this package, and as I started to tear it open, I decided against it. I will save it for when we (hopefully) start TTC again one day.

Item 2:

Crinone leftover from previous fails, that would have been used this time around.

Item 3:

You probably can’t even tell what this is from the picture, so let me tell you. This is a DEEP box with folders, binders, receipts, loose papers, cards, etc. all pertaining to TTC. I threw in some more papers to top it off before it goes back into its closet.

Item 4:

LH strips, HCG strips, and urine cups. Won’t be needing these anymore!

Item 5:

Circle + Bloom Audio CD’s purchased for the upcoming FET and possible pregnancy…neither have ever been opened.

Item 6:

Although we did not need this for our FET, we won’t be using it at home anymore either. It’s not safe for me to get pregnant at all right now.

Item 7: 

A book that I prayed would help me get through a pregnancy should our FET have worked.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? I wish it was that simple! Even though it’s a lot harder than that, I still can’t stomach to see all of this “stuff” just laying around for months and months.  Maybe God-willingly one day we will be able to bring it all back out, but for now…it’s bye-bye.

17 thoughts on “Packing it All Up

  1. Still just at a complete loss of words! The last title, “it’s me Angela god, remember me? ” says it all. I just don’t know when enough is enough! I hate the pain you go thru 😦 😦 😦

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  2. I get this. I packed up all my baby related stuff after the miscarriage and it was so heartbreaking to see all the scans and things. Even though I never started filling in the pregnancy book – it just didn’t feel right. One day, hopefully. I still haven’t moved the positive pregnancy tests from my drawer- I’m guessing I should throw them away at some point.

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    • Ugh im so sorry. After my losses, I usually chucked things into the garbage. This time I was not as violent about it all. More solemn I guess. I have a book too that I just put away, and maybe I still have a few pee tests in that box too. Sucks we have to go through this.


  3. Painful reminders of things that haven’t gone even close to plan are so tough to handle. Pack it away and hopefully you can come back to it at a more positive time. Wishing you the best x

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  4. I know you will be using some of that stuff again. I have not given up faith in God that your baby is still waiting for you guys. Love you and praying for a good outcome of whatever comes next.

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