Survival List

How will I survive this upcoming FET cycle and all the “what ifs” that accompany it? That question has been heavy on my mind lately. I decided, being the Type A person that I am, that a survival list for when all the “what ifs” come up is in order.  

Creating this list and having it handy will hopefully help me remember what I CAN  do in times of stress & panic (at least thats the plan); that I actually have choices on how I react to “what ifs” and that I am not helpless.  As an IF & RPL victim, it can be hard to remember that at times.

  • Pray together 
  • Read our devotional together 
  • Read the bible together
  • Read “Expecting with Hope,” a claiming joy after pregnancy loss book 
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • See my therapist
  • Blog
  • Adult coloring session
  • Yoga
  • Circle + Bloom Audio CD session
  • Homeopathic anxiety drops
  • Red wine (pre-transfer)
  • Essential oil aromatherapy
  • Bubble baths
  • Acupuncture
  • Mind-fit technology program
  • Visit to mom’s house 
  • Walk the dogs
  • Watch a favorite Disney past time or comedy movie
  • Dinner with a friend 
  • Take a personal or sick day I have earned if I need it 

Well, at least I have some things to choose from if needed.  I am sure I will need this go-to-list regardless of whether we get a BFP or a BFN next month…each have their own set of fears that come along with them.  

Will post soon about my upcoming Hysteroscopy…only have a week of birth control pills left! 

12 thoughts on “Survival List

  1. I love your list and your positivity! We DON’T have to think whatever falls into our heads, we have choices on how we react, and it’s so great you’ve chosen positive things. Keep us posted!

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  2. Great that you have a good list of things that will help you. I think you could also add “do not beat myself up if I feel down / stressed / panicked” (that downward spiral is so easy to fall into but tough to climb out of! Yes and if ever you need to vent to a non-judgmental person who is not in your immediate group of supporters, I’m always here for you too 🙂
    Good luck with the hysteroscopy and yay to be nearly finished BC pills! 🙂

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  3. Loovvveeeee this list! Love the mind fit ofcourse, love the Disney movie, reading the bible, praying, walking the dogs, bubble baths, aromatherapy drops, mom’s house, coloring session – such a great plan!!!!

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