Week 10 of Summer Happiness

Bringing you week 10, days 65-71, of the 95 days of summer happiness, all for your viewing pleasure. 

We hope you enjoy as much as we did! 

Day 65 of Summer Happiness

Lovely papasan furniture added to our newly redecorated, beach themed patio

Day 66 of Summer Happiness


Fountain on the patio

Day 67 of Summer Happiness

Cant wait to put our outdoor bistro set together!

Day 68 of Summer Happiness

Favorite summertime fruit!

Day 69 of Summer Happiness


These tomato plants started as seeds back in June…anyday now & we will have some tomatoes!

Day 70 of Summer Happiness

Beginning of the year present from a new student

Day 71 of Summer Happiness

Home grown Florida avocadoes …yum!

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