A Few Notes from an Infertile Myrtle 

I started OCP’s, or in laymens terms, birth control pills, this past week on day 3 of my cycle. Just for the record, I really do hate being on OCP’s. I can already sense the mood swings, exhaustion, and overeating kicking in and it hasnt even been a full week of consumption yet. An infertiles gotta do what an infertiles gotta do, right?  Only 26 more days of them left. 


Time is flying by. I looked at the calendar last night and realized that in just 8 weeks we could be pregnant again. Or in just 8 weeks, we could be experiencing our first transfer out of 4 that does not produce a pregnancy at all.  It hit even harder once the protocol and price quote were delivered to my inbox.  


A myriad of emotions started to flood me. A minor meltdown took place, but I will save all of that for a later post because it needs one of its own.  

In the meantime, we have FINALLY gotten all of the paperwork sent out for the FET grant we are applying for. It only took and arm and a leg (and 3 months), but I am happy to report this thick stack of papers is off of my dining room table and in the postmans hands.  Now, lets all just pray by the grace of God we are selected! 

Just after I returned from dropping off the grant at the post office, I checked the mail and what was in there but a lovely notice for jury duty in a few weeks. I originally got a notice for duty following our last miscarriage while I was on my medical leave from work.  When I got the notice back then, I was pissed. Heres why-one of the “excusal reasons” you can check off is expectant mother.  


Probably sounds pretty reasonable to a fertile, pregnant woman. But what a slap in the face this was to me just weeks after losing our children.  Now that I was no longer pregnant, I suddenly couldn’t be excused?!? Excuse me?

Thankfully, since I had never postponed duty before, I was able to put it off. You can postpone one time after the first notice, but you still have to provide a reason as to why you wish to postpone for the judge to approve. And boy let me tell you, I let it all out in my postponement letter. I made sure to tell the judge that “miscarrying mothers” or “mothers that lost a child” should be excusal reasons if “expectant mothers” is.  The judge probably thought I was out of my mind, but I really didnt care.  At the time, I was so incredibly mad at the world it didnt matter. 

When I saw the notice today, something inside of me was ignited again. I cant help but feel like it is a burn. Here we are, just a few weeks away from our due date and it comes.  I dont know what I will do about it yet, although I have plenty of ideas running through my mind.  Who would have thought that something like jury duty would make me feel this type of way!  RPL does some crazy things to you I guess. 

On a side note, I found this quote from an amazing author today, and it totally made me smile…. 

17 thoughts on “A Few Notes from an Infertile Myrtle 

  1. I’m so with you on that one. I would have felt rage over it! It sometimes feel like the whole world is ganging up on me to remind me I’m not an expectant mother. 😓

    I love the quote! It’s so hot at the moment that I’m looking forward to October!

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  2. I agree with you, it’s BS. Although, you could probably get a note from your dr anyway or therapist for mental health reasons. Thinking of you and wishing you so much luck!!

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  3. Good luck with the grant application – I hope you get it. Also totally with you on the birth control pill. I used to take it just to control the symptoms of the normal monthly cycle but the side effects were differently rubbish so I stopped…. and yes sorry to read about the jury service request…. (I hope this doesn’t sound uncaring because I don’t mean it to) but if they thought about it for five seconds surely they wouldn’t want someone who has just gone through a traumatic personal event on a jury anyway? Hopefully they will see sense and excuse you from participating. Such a shame that you have to fight your corner each time.
    Last note before I finish – I’m so happy for you doing another cycle. I hope that it goes well. Will be thinking of you xx

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    • We are keeping our fingers crossed that we get it too! Ugh yes BC totally sucks doesnt it? Pretty ironic us infertiles need to take it to top it all off! I totally agree with u about jury duty. Ive decided Im not going! Lol. They can come get me if they want me that badly. Thanks for all the support friend 😀

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      • I had a cycle of IVF which started with months of birth control pill. Even though I understood the rationale, I could not get my head round that at all! xx

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  4. Exciting about the grant application! Fingers crossed!

    As for Jury duty, you can totally get excused from that by your RE! I just did this. All your RE’s office has to do is send a letter to the jury duty office with your name and juror number, saying that you are under their care and that your treatment requires frequent appointments and that you’re requesting to be excused from duty. I was excused for an entire year!

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  5. Being pregnant shouldn’t get you out of jury duty. Some aspects of pregnancy, like severe morning sickness or other physical ailment, yes, but that would fall under the 4th option. There’s no reason to list it separately. If you and baby are healthy, you shouldn’t be excused from serving, in my opinion.

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