Week 8 of Summer Happiness

Bringing you week 8, days 51-57, of the 95 days of summer happiness, all for your viewing pleasure. 

We hope you enjoy as much as we did! 

Day 51 of Summer Happiness

Nothing says summer like homemade, ice cold, lemonade!

 Day 52 of Summer Happiness

Our fortune cookies from Chinese take-out date night

 Day 53 of Summer Happiness

One of our summer projects completed…crown molding in our master bedroom

Day 54 of Summer Happiness


My classroom all ready for the kids to come back! A sign summer is almost over

Day 55 of Summer Happiness

Fertility lucky charm bracelet passed on to me by a dear family member of mine
Day 56 of Summer Happiness


Welcome home! New mailbox (compliments of my parents) to go with our freshly painted house! Will reveal the house next week once gutters are up.

Day 57 of Summer Happiness


Our favorite pizza, thin sliced Grandma style !

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