The Plan

After collaboration between my OB, RE, and family Dr., the decision was made that I will not be on any anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds during a future pregnancy. I am OK with this decision. I trust the professionals and what they feel is best for me at this time. 

The bloodwork my Gastro Dr. ordered came back today. It was completely normal, with the exception of my elevated Bilirubin which is benign.  This being said, there will be no further evaluations needed in this area. 

The plan for our all natural FET will be as follows:

  • Make sure we get the “all clear” from our hysteroscopy scheduled in early Sept.
  • Day 3 ultrasound and bloodwork in late September 
  • Pee on OPK sticks starting cycle day 12
  • Go in for an ultrasound when we have the positive OPK, detecting LH surge, most likely on cycle day 14 
  • If ultrasound shows lining 8 or > and a follicle measuring at least 16mm, we will trigger that night
  • Start minimal progesterone supplementation 36 hours after trigger or 6 days prior to transfer (pretend retrieval day) 
  • Transfer 1 day 6 embryo 6 days after progesterone begins!! 
  • Bedrest for 48 hours
  • Pray for a BFP & a sticky baby due in late June 2016 ❤️

***As you can see, no estrogen, Lupron, or any of that jazz!!

I will also continue to see my therapist during this cycle. My goal for our upcoming session is to develop a plan for what we are comfortable doing beta and ultrasound wise should we get a BFP. It would probably be smart to devise a plan for a BFN as well. 

I am going to put a call in to my acupuncturist this week to start treatment again. Id like to get a package deal if possible, something they havent offered in the past. I was dropping $75 a visit and usually more than once a week for a few months. Ridiculous!  However, I love her and I know she knows what she is doing. It is also a natural remedy for my anxiety.  I have gone to my acupuncturist for all 3 of our transfers but only up until transfer day. I was always scared to continue after transfer, yet I read about you ladies doing it all time. I asked my RE about continuing after transfer and she said it was fine too. 

Please share with me your experiences with ongoing acupuncture after transfer! 

10 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Wow, you and I are almost on an exact same plan/timeline! I do my hysteroscopy on august 17th and then will be doing a natural FET in October! So crazy. The two week window of the transfer will be the 12-20th of October if all goes well. So glad you have a plan!!

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    • Ahhh! I so hope our dreams come true together. Our window is the 6-16th of yea we are def cycling at the same time. Does your protocol look similar? This is my first time naturally doing it so I want to make sure I have all my bases covered!

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      • I think our protocols look similar. I will go in between CD 1-3 for a baseline check and then starting on CD 10, I will start doing at home ovulation tests to make sure I don’t ovulate early. If I don’t ovulate early, I think I go in between CD 12-14 for an ultrasound. If I have a mature follicle, they will give me the HCG trigger and I will transfer 6 days after the trigger shot. I will also start progesterone after I trigger. I think that is all there is to my natural. Does that sound like yours?

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      • Yes it sure does! Im nervous about the ovulating early thing and having it all messed up. Im a worry wart though. I want to know if they can make sure that doesn’t happen with a blood test on top of the ultrasound? I hope so but haven’t asked yet!


  2. I dont have any experience with acupuncture after a transfer, but I did go to acupuncture this week post-BFP and plan to continue to do so. I found it helpful and it didn’t seem to hurt anything as everything was good at today’s scan. I plan on mentioning this in my next blog post too. 🙂

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