Lining Check #3, 2WW, & “Somethings”

This cycle I ovulated later than the prior 2 months. I got a positive OPK starting on day 16 and it lasted until day 18. Usually my positive test has been lasting only a full day at most, starting on day 14. I was happy about the longer window! 

Day 16 far right

On day 17, I felt the ovulation pains many of you have experienced. I havent had them in a such a long time, I almost forgot what they felt like! As many of you know, last month hubby and I baby danced everyday, twice a day, for 4 days straight (ugh lol!) We did NOT do that this month. The month before that, we BD’d every day, once a day, for 4 days straight. We did NOT do that this month either. Instead we tried to take it easy, and BD’d only every other day, for a total of 4 days. We will see how this worked out in about 10 days…currently in the 2WW. 

Anywho, I got my third lining check and it measured over an 8 again!! Whoot whoot!! Thats 3 months in a row of thick (enough) lining on my own, with no help. Remember, anything an 8 or greater is ideal (some RE’s even say a 7). That said, we are very pleased about my number! I could also see the triple stripe which is great news. My antral follicle count (aka egg reserve) still looks good, about 9 or so on each side.  


I got the lining check at the new RE, as our meeting with him just happened to fall during my ovulation  window. We also discussed my HSG more in depth as planned. If you recall correctly, the HSG last week went well overall, but he did say that day that he saw “something” small, which he thought could be scar tissue. 

Well, since he saw “something,” he wants to do an SIS to identify if its scar tissue or perhaps a polyp of some sort. If its a polyp *in the uterine cavity* we would need to do another H/S to remove it. Im not sure how I feel about this. Meaning, I dont know if I am willing to do all this again right now. I asked if a balloon would be involved in this removal, he said it was unlikely, but of course possible. No surprise there, I learned ahwile ago that anything is possible and nothing is guaranteed with all this. 

Then I told him–if it is a polyp or fibroid or whatever AGAIN, obviously they are going to just KEEP coming back. Shit, I just had one removed in May! He begged to disagree with me. He seemed confident that this “something” isnt a huge deal. Easy for him to say right? He hasnt miscarried (potentially with a fibroid as the cause) or been operated on numerous times.  He said the images of the HSG show my uterus looks “good” shape wise, tube wise, size wise, etc.  with the exception of the small “something.” 

The ultrasound lining check also showed “something” unusual in the cavity. So annoying and not what I wanted to hear after getting positive news about my lining.  Whatever this “something” was, I clearly saw it too. He has been practicing for 30 years and he said, “very unusual” and I replied with, “of course it is.”

I probed on whether or not this ultrasound “something” is the same “something” showing on the HSG. Unknown at this time, but he is leaning towards no. Again, not what I wanted to hear. Now we possibly have 2 “things” that may not be related. 

On the ultrasound, this “something” looked like mucus he said (not fluid, polyps or fibroids) which is rare for the location I guess. I was really frustrated and started to tune out at this time. I didnt care to ask about this odd “mucus” if its even harmful, why its caused, or how it goes away. He is hoping the SIS will provide further clarity. Anyone here who has had similar mucus like this, please feel free to share your experiences…I am a feeling like my listening ears are back on now.  I have had fluid, but not mucus, and supposedly there is a difference. 

If we choose to move forward with this new RE, our transfer will be in October sometime. We reviewed the calendars and logistics of it all as our 3 hour meeting came to a close. 

Feeling a little annoyed with the fact that the HSG and ultrasound couldnt look picture perfect at this point.  In June, it all looked just fine. Starting to wonder if my body is just failing and not able to do what it needs to do to even move forward with a FET.  Maybe I am not cut out for this.  

20 thoughts on “Lining Check #3, 2WW, & “Somethings”

  1. Infertility is relentless and brutal isn’t it? So sorry you are dealing with another potential issue. Hopeful it is nothing and you can finally have good news.

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  2. Man I feel you with your last statement. I felt that exact way yesterday. I’m really hoping you are able to transfer again soon. Prayers for you!!

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  3. This sounds very similar to a situation I had last year after my 4th miscarriage. 2 months after my D&C I went in for an SIS to see if everything was looking ok and my RE saw what she thought was maybe scar tissue, maybe a polyp, maybe mucus/something out of the ordinary. She had me come back a month later for another SIS to see if it had resolved itself and it hadn’t. She too (like your new RE) said it was totally weird and not something she saw really often and so we went in for an exploratory hysteroscopy to see what it was. Turns out she found 3 polyp like masses and removed them. Our 4th loss was due to an angular pregnancy so we have no idea if the masses were there before hand or developed after but we did get pregnant on our own 3 months later and fingers crossed and a million prayers said I’m currently 31 weeks along : )

    Good luck, I know how frustrating and scary it is to hear about needing something else done after all that you have already been through.

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    • Im so sorry to hear of your losses. At the same time, I am so thrilled that you have made it to where you are today. That is truly an inspiration to those of us who suffer from RPL.
      If you dont mind me asking, how long did you wait after the polyps were removed to proceed with the FET that stuck? I am not sure if the following month would be too soon or not. Its great to hear from someone who experienced similar and had success!


      • We actually did Femara and TI the month after the polyps were removed because that was all we were comfortable with emotionally at the time. We did that for two months and were planning on three before moving on to IVF but we had to skip the month of January due to our RE being out of the office for Christmas and the timing just not working out with monitoring appointments and we got pregnant on our own (with major help from my acupuncturist) two weeks before heading in for our next consult. (I cringe writing that because I know how much I hated people telling me the same kind of story when I was in the thick of losses and treatment)

        It was about 2.5 months after the removal. I responded well to the drugs in the months before but I honestly don’t think my body was quite ready for it after the trama of everything, I know it’s a little different but hopefully that helps. I completely agree with your thoughts in your most recent post that a hysteroscopy before you proceed with do wonders in giving you peace of mind before your transfer. Sometimes I wish I had done one before my 4th loss because at least then maybe I would know if it had anything to do with the polyps. Good luck!

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  4. Don’t ou give up. You are meant for this and one way or another it will happen. God has your plan and being a mother is in it. Love you guy so

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  5. This may have nothing to do substance-wise about your post, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one sneaking pics of the u/s machine reading after I have the room to myself lol.

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  6. Agh. I’m sorry hun. It’s hard and frustrating when you don’t have conclusive answers and were expecting an “all clear.” It stinks. I hope it’s just something silly and small and you can move forward with the FET on YOUR timetable.

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