See Ya Later, Alligator! 

This will be a relatively quick post, affecting our Facebook followers (I believe over 100 of our 270 something current followers on here are linked through FB).  

Anyways, we will be disconnecting the Facebook link from our WordPress blog sometime later this week. Probably after we make our decision as to which clinic we will be using for our FET, and post an update on it. 

What does this mean if you follow us only on FB? Well, if you want to keep following us, you will need to do it on your own by visiting WordPress (many of you already do). 

How? You (anyone!) can simply go to our URL as you like, you can set up a WP account of your own, or you can sign up to be emailed whenever we make a new post by entering your email on our home page. 

Why are we disconnecting our blog from FB? No particular reason. No one upset us, or did anything at all.  When we originally set up the FB blog link, it was to let everyone close to us know what we had/have been going through with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.  We had not been open about it before and we really wanted people to understand us better. We can definitely say we achieved this.  And I am so glad we chose to share.  It restored old relationships, brought new ones, and so much more. 

Now we are at a different place in our journey. Soon we will likely start undergoing treatment again, and we feel those closest to us who want to follow along still will. Of course, in no way do we want anyone to feel obligated to continue following us either. 

We appreciate your understanding, all of the FB love you have given us the past 6 months, and we hope to see you soon over here on WordPress soon!! 

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