One Step Closer

Yesterday we had our HSG and mock transfer at the new RE.  The morning didn’t start off the greatest.  I woke up, ate a light breakfast, and took my antibiotic, which may I add that I have taken sooo many times before. 

I started vacuuming and about 20 minutes later, I found myself sprinting to the bathroom to puke.  As I was puking, I thought “how ironic? I am puking my guts out, couldn’t it at least be because I am pregnant?” Well, we all know that’s not the case, as I just finished my menstrual cycle not even a week ago.

I laid back down after the vomit, feeling like crap.  I was dreading the fact that I needed to take 3 Valium’s in a few hours before the procedure.  Usually, when feeling good, I wouldn’t mind the well-earned, loopyness that IF treatments bring, but feeling sick and taking them isn’t ideal.  I hoped I wasn’t coming down with something, and thankfully, I wasn’t because within a few hours I felt better.

A few hours later, my mom picked me up and we headed to the appointment.  When I arrived, they took a urine sample right away to make sure I wasn’t pregnant (Ha!).  I popped my Valium’s, changed into scrubs, and waited.  The nurses were all quite friendly, which is great because I was nervous about this, being at a new RE’s office and all.  They took me back into the procedure room and the RE came in right away.  By now, I was feeling pretty “drunk”–anyone who has had an HSG done before knows they aren’t exactly what you consider fun, so I can’t complain that I was out of it.  This wasn’t my first rodeo either, more like my 3rd.

He did the mock transfer first, and it went down without any hiccups. The catheter went in easily, he made some comments to the nurse about the measurements, she put them in the computer, and we moved on to the HSG. The room was set up with big screens all around so I could clearly see what was happening during the procedure.  At my old RE’s office, there is only one screen facing her during procedures so it’s more difficult to view what’s occurring.  I liked that I could see being as anal as I am.  LOL.

The RE injected the dye and right away I could see it flowing out of both of my tubes on the screen.  He confirmed both of them are wide open, no blockage at all….phew!  He tilted me to the right, then to the left.  No fibroids, polyps, or masses seen…hooray! Next, he pointed out an area where it appears that I may have some scar tissue.  Of course, I freaked out (the most I could while under the influence).  He reassured me that it is minor, and that we will discuss it further at our sit down appointment next week.  Then he told me that I should leave feeling that this went really well with no major worries. Those words made me a happy girl! And I need to keep repeating them in my mind. 

I must say pain wise, on a scale of 1 to 10, the procedure was only a 1 (maybe).  By far, the easiest HSG I have ever had done.  I would have rated my first HSG an 8 and the second probably a 6.  This time, I had cramping for maybe a minute (not even) and the worst part was most likely the speculum going in.

In other news, I am feeling optimistic about moving forward with our next FET.  I ordered two products off Amazon this week, both for if I become pregnant again.

I am hoping these will help me feel a little bit more empowered, along with my therapist, prayer, and other self-care tactics.

18 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. I’m glad your HSG wasn’t as painful before and that everything went well. I hope the book and CD help keep the anxiety at bay if you do get pregnant this time. Good luck with your FET!

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    • Thank u! Yes, unfortunately I have a really high tolerance to pain meds. Once when under twilight anesthesia my dr couldn’t believe how alert I was. She said I must be a weekend drinker lol. My mom was making jokes yesterday too, saying she wouldnt even be able to walk after 3!


  2. Eek poor you! I hate throwing up. Thankfully doesn’t happen often. Glad the HSG went well. It didn’t occur to me that it would hurt! I’ve had one and it didnt seem bad at all. Hope you’re feeling much better now. It’s great that everything is set to go! 🙂

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