Drum Roll Please…More Results!

As you know, we saw another RE last week for a second opinion.  He suggested that I have a few additional tests run that I have not had run before.  He also recommended that my husband get some tests re-ran.

Here are the results for my panel: 

Vitamin D – in normal range. Normal range is 30-100, mine came back at 46.  

Celiac disease– in normal range.  Anything less than 4 is considered normal, mine came back at 1.

Biliruben- abnormal; normal is 0.2-1.2; mine is 2.3.  The RE would like me to see a Gastro Dr. in between now and our next visit back to him.  I called and set up an appointment with one today.  I did not do what I would usually do, and ask a million questions about what this abnormal result means and the correlation (if any) between RPL and it.  I figure I will find out soon enough.  I do know that high total bilirubin levels may occur with liver and/or gallbladder disease.  The only reason I know this is because it is why our fur baby, Nacho, ended up passing away.  He could not process the bile or waste out of his system any longer and his kidneys failed. I believe his level was somewhere around a 10 at the end.  Poor baby. 

Husband’s results:

Prolactin- normal range

Testosterone- normal range.  Normal is anywhere from 250-827, his was 417.

LH- normal range

TSH- normal range

FSH- abnormal.  Normal is 1.6-8.0; his is 9.4, so it is slightly elevated.  The RE said that this just means his brain is working extra hard communicating with his testicles to produce sperm. An A+ for effort at least! LOL. 

Since all of his levels except his FSH were normal, Clomid will be of no use in improving his count. These other hormones (especially testosterone & TSH) would have to be out of whack as well. So really nothing has changed hormonally the past few years since the last panel was originally run on him. In the meantime, I did start him on CoQ10 because I have heard so many wonderful things about it. I figure it can’t hurt to at least try right? 

Next on the agenda was setting up the mock transfer with the new RE, so I did.  I also set up the follow-up consultation after the mock transfer to review it, the gastric results, and a calendar for a FET.

I know it may sound like we have made our final decision as to where we will be moving forward at with our FET and precious embies, but we haven’t completely yet. However, we feel all of these steps in the meantime are very necessary in aiding the decison making progress.  Only a few more weeks and the decision should be made! 

17 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…More Results!

  1. I just wanted to throw something out to you. My husband has everything wrong with his sperm (count, motility, and mobility). We saw a specialist our RE recommended and he ran the same blood work that your husband had. All of my husband’s blood work can back fine but they still put him on clomid. We tried 2 IUIs after being on the clomid for 3 months and there was no improvement with his sperm. Then when we did IVF after he had been on clomid for 6 months and his sperm had skyrocketed. Best numbers we have ever had and the clinic even gave it the highest rating they have. Right now we are still in the waiting period from the miscarriage from that IVF cycle, so I am not sure how we will do with this new and improved sperm. But I wanted to tell you what a difference it made even though his blood levels were normal, and that it took 6 months for us to see a difference.

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      • Of course not, before clomid the count was 3 million and the motility and mobility were bad can’t remember the exact numbers, but after 6 months in clomid his count was 26 million with excellent motility and mobility, she didn’t get us the exact numbers. This was just at our follow up appointment to discuss the transfer. When the RE told us we nearly fell out of our chairs.

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    • Yes, exactly. Its like a practice run before the real deal! Im happy he wants to do one bc I am so nervous about having a new RE do the actual transfer. Im so used to my RE doing them. And although we never stay pregnant, she obviously transfers our embies properly bc I always get pregnant.

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  2. Great news about the results, that must be a relief.
    If your bilirubin is the only thing elevated out of your liver panel, it’s completely benign. It’s called “Gilbert’s Syndrome” and just means you’re a slight deviation from the norm when it comes to processing bilirubin.
    Best of luck!

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