Week 3 of the 95 Days of Summer Happiness

Bringing you Week 3, days 15-22, of the 95 days of summer, all for your viewing pleasure.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Day 15 of Summer Happiness

Lovely fountain and greenery on my way to grocery shop one summer morning

Day 16 of Summer Happiness

Wish I knew the name of this bright orange Florida flower we discovered on a walk

Day 17 of Summer Happiness

Summer isn’t summer without happy hour!!!

Day 18 of Summer Happiness

Relaxing at my mom’s pool, a favorite summer past time.

Day 19 of Summer Happiness

This little girl, who I like to call Bessy, greets me every summer morning at our house.

Day 20 of Summer Happiness

Just a usual Florida Gopher Tortoise hanging around!

Day 21 of Summer Happiness

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one says it all!

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