Week 1 of the 95 Days of Summer Happiness

As promised, we are excited to bring to you the “95 Days of Summer Happiness” for your viewing pleasure.

Weekly posts will include simple, yet HAPPY pictures from the 7 summer days of the week.

There will be no infertility talk in these posts-only pure summer bliss!

Please sit back, relax & enjoy our show!

Day 1 of Summer

Father’s Day Celebration with my amazing husband…yes, thats cheesecake you see!
Day 2 of Summer


Beautiful flowers at the Savannas Preserve

Day 3 of Summer

Adorable ducks??? in Fort Pierce. Loved their orange beaks!! Anyone know the name of this lovely bird?
Day 4 of Summer 

Mr. Squirrel having a staring contest with me. He let me get so close! These guys are all over my backyard. They love the big Palm.
Day 5 of Summer 

Love this shot! Lily pads galore at White City Park.
Day 6 of Summer 

What’s summer without a nice cold one and some baseball?
Day 7 of Summer 

Look closely…do you see him??? This guy was really close to the bank of a random canal. Florida living for ya!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! 

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