Father’s Day

Well, we survived another Father’s Day.

As Sunday came to a close, the hubby & I discussed how we have come to dislike Mother’s Day & Father’s Day for the most part.  I dislike Mother’s Day because of my yearning to be a mother, and my hubs dislikes it because of the difficult relationship he has endured with his mother throughout his life.  He also hates the fact that I want something that he can’t give me right now.  He isn’t a fan of Father’s Day because of his own desire to be a father, and I have trouble with it because of the not-so-easy relationship I have had with my own father growing up.  And then of course, I loathe that I can’t give my husband what he wants.

Despite our disliking, we decided to make the best of it.  And thankfully we still had a great day, or weekend for that matter. Saturday we had “date night.”  We enjoyed dinner at Bonefish Grille, and the movie, Jurassic World (I highly recommend it). However, only I would get teary-eyed during a dinosaur movie. And I’m not even on any hormones!  My husband reassured me several times, “It’s just a movie & it’s just a dinosaur.”

We usually don’t get each other presents for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but I figured this year should be different. Although we do not have any children here physically, my husband is still the father to our 5 angel babies, and our fur babies. That being said, when he woke up, there was a gift bag on the counter for him with a card.  Inside, there were 2 new shirts from Macy’s (his favorite place to shop). Then we went to Target, and he got all new underwear and socks. Unreal that 3 packs of “X-Temp” underwear cost $60!! But hey, we will pay more to keep it cool down there! LOL. Afterwards, I went to Publix and picked up T-Bone steaks for dinner, and his favorite dessert, cheesecake, as a surprise.

During all of the running around on Father’s Day, I managed to get stung by a bee on my pinky toe, and good, old, Aunt Flow came in town.  Nice Father’s Day present, right?  Not! Oh, and how could I forget that as I was carrying in the groceries, my rotten Beagle, found a way to devour a pack of uncooked meatballs that I just bought. These events could have been a recipe for disaster, but I chose for them not to be.  Instead, I chose to make it all about my husband; making sure he knows just what a great father he is, and will be one day!

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Both are so tough. I wrote to my husband last Father’s Day and all invisible fathers this Father’s Day. Somehow, it made me feel better. Hopefully, it did the same for them.

    With blessings,

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