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I have been working diligently on locating resources for those struggling with infertility, IVF, and/or RPL.  I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful things I have found thus far.

To date, we have received no outside assistance for any of our fertility treatments.  Unfortunately, we live in a state that is not mandated to cover infertility treatments (only diagnostics).  This has been quite difficult for us, as I am sure it has been for others, too.

Below are two different programs you can apply for if you have the time & energy to do so (we have been working on our applications as we speak):

Pay It Forward Fertility– A non-profit organization that has helped 18 babies be born to date so far!! Priority is given to those who show a financial need, are uninsured for fertility treatment, have no prior children, and who have already spent a lot on fertility treatments…that would be US!  The first application date just recently passed, however the next deadline for this year will be released soon.  There is a non-refundable $50 application fee, but this program pays for the total amount of IVF treatment (no meds or IUI cycles) if you are selected. The grant is paid directly to the clinic.  The application packet is a total of 21 tedious pages, not including the doctors portion and the personal stories that should be submitted from each partner.  Catches (if you want to call them that): A background check is required, the female patient must be under 40 when starting the IVF cycle, must be used within a year of award date, must be used at a SART clinic in the US, takes 6-8 weeks after deadline for recipients to be chosen.

Baby Quest -Also a non-profit organization that grants financial assistance for a wide range of infertility  treatments such as IUI, IVF, gestational surrogacy, egg freezing, etc.  This grant favors patients with no prior children as well.  There is no minimum or maximum income allowances to qualify for this grant.  Also requires a $50 non-refundable application fee.  However, if selected for the grant, an additional $250 is required for background checks.  The deadline for this application is November 18, 2015.  This packet is 8 pages in total without the personal stories and doctors portion.  From my understanding, this grant will not pay the entire amount of treatment, perhaps just a portion.  But this grant will cover the cost of medications, unlike the other, as long as the medications are not covered by insurance.  Money for medications will be paid directly to the pharmacy and money for treatments will be paid directly to the clinic.  Catches: must be used within 3 months of receiving the grant, female patients must be under 40, takes 4 weeks after deadline for recipients to be announced.


I have also found a great infertility support group on FaceBook called, Beat Infertility which I believe some of you WordPress ladies are part of.  This is a private group of women who are all TTC. It features weekly podcasts from women who share their stories.  Some of these women have finally achieved pregnancies, while some have not.  Each podcast focuses on a different topic such as Male Factor, Unexplained infertility, etc.  I love this group because it is truly supportive.  I have been part of other FB groups that are so large and not really supportive. This one is different. You post questions and you get honest answers, & you share stories, both good and bad.

Circle + Bloom -I actually found out about this site through the weekly podcasts on Beat Infertility.  Circle + Bloom is all about using visualization techniques to support women who are TTC.  The woman who created the program battled secondary infertility and pregnancy loss.  If you go to their site, you will see they offer audio CD’s for a wide variety of those TTC.  They have an IVF Cycle CD, FET Cycle CD, Natural Cycle CD, Safe Delivery CD, Men’s CD, Blissful Sleeping CD, and more for purchase.  The prices range from $60 to $10.  They also have a free download for those who have suffered a loss. I purchased the FET CD for down the road, and I downloaded the free audio for miscarriages (healing & recovery is the name of the CD).  I thought it was so heartfelt that the miscarriage download was free of charge.  What’s more, this CD is really helping me heal.  If you make any  purchase on this site, you get a free subscription to the “My Hopeful Journey/Infertility Survival Kit” app.

Fertility Deals-While on the Circle + Bloom site, I found this resource.  It is amazing!  It led me to the non-profit programs, such as Baby Quest & Pay it Forward Fertility, and so much more.  Here, I was also able to find a 60% off offer for a Circle + Bloom CD which dropped the price down significantly for the FET CD (I had to email the company and ask for the discount, they responded quickly!).  There are various coupons for ovulation tests, prenatals, books, magazines, consultations, etc.

My Hopeful Journey/Infertility Survival Kit App– this app is super cool (free with Circle + Bloom purchase)! It comes with an organizer for doctor appointments, medications, lab results, journal, & tasks.  I love this already & haven’t even used it! It has a TTC blog feed built into the app, which we will now be featured on! In addition, it has a “101” category that defines all the IF jargon for you, a directory by state of all the infertility clinics out there, financial programs (Cade Foundation was another I saw) available, events happening, etc.

These resources really remind me how we are so not alone in this battle even though at times it may feel like it.  Hope this list is helpful to someone out there!  Sharing is caring 🙂


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