1 Year Gone

A year ago today was one of the hardest days in both of our lives.

It was the day we lost our almost 17 year old Chihuahua, Nacho. He was our baby.

My husband & I got him from the Humane Society a month after we moved into our first place together back in 2003.

Looking back, it was definitely fate how we found our little guy. We were very young at the time; I twenty-one and my husband, just short of twenty.  Although we were both big animal lovers, it was still a spur of the moment decision to get a dog on that chilly December day.

After we briefly discussed getting a dog, we hopped in the car and headed to a Humane Society not too far away from our new place.  When we got off the exit, we followed the directions we had printed off Map Quest. When we arrived to our destination, we found a run down, vacated building.  It looked like no one had inhabited the premises in months. Through all of the Kudzu, you could barely see what used to be a sign on the front that read, “Vero Beach Humane Society.”

I must say, I can clearly remember how disappointed we felt that the Humane Society was no longer there.  I told my husband, “They must have moved to a location around here somewhere, let’s just keep driving and we will find it.”  Now, you must remember that over 10 years ago, you couldn’t just jump on a smart phone for directions-people weren’t even texting back then!

So anyways, we continued on for about a half hour with no luck.  We were not near any populated areas that we could just stop and ask for directions.  It was all back roads and housing developments.  My husband finally said we should just turn around and go home.  The woman in me persisted that we find someone to ask.  All of a sudden, we saw a police car pulled off to the side of the road.  I told my hubs, “There! Pull over! I’ll get out and ask him where it is.”  Like the good husband he is, he listened.  The officer gave us the directions to the new location.  We got right back on the road & soon enough, voila! We were there.

As soon as we walked in, we walked down the first row of dogs. Mostly all large, except for one little black and white Chihuahua that was a yipper. I believe was her name was Pepper.  During our brief discussion of getting a dog, we did agree that the dog would need to be small, but we had no particular breed in mind. To us, small only made the most sense living in a 1 bedroom apartment (at least we had that much sense when we were young).  Anyways, Pepper was cute, but really young and loud.  She was a maybe.

On to the next row. As soon as we turned the corner, I laid eyes on our little man.  I knew immediately he was the one. He was sitting on his bum, cute as a button. The name on his cage read, “Pumpkin” because of his beautiful tan coat.  I have to be honest, and my spouse might get mad that I am revealing this, but he did not want him at first.  If you knew our little boy, I know you must be thinking, “No way!” And I agree-it is pretty hard to believe someone could doubt his cuteness! Who would not want that little Cassanova of a pup we had?

Here I was, “Oh my gosh! Look at him! He is soooo cute! Let’s take him to the visiting room,” and there he was, “Ugh, I don’t know…you really think he is that cute? Lets keep looking.” Then, I recall clear as day, a family walking up to “Pumpkin’s” cage and standing beside us. It appeared to be a mom, dad, and their daughter. She wanted Pumpkin! I told my husband we had to act fast. So, I went and found one of the technicians & asked if we could take him out to visit with him.

Long story short, we took him home (him now being “Nacho”) with us a few days later, and he was ours ever since. During those years, Nacho brought us so much joy, and he taught us so many things. He was a best friend to both of us. He was part of our family. People used to ask me how I was going to survive once he was gone. They would tell me they were worried for me before it even happened. They would say, “you know, it is going to happen, you have to prepare yourself for it.”

Well, here we are, 1 year later. Hard to believe he has been gone for a whole year now, especially when it still hurts like it does. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.  Although we were never be prepared to lose him, as some people told us to be, we are still surviving thanks to God’s grace.  I will tell you it hasn’t been easy though, losing our first pregnancy a month before his passing, and then 2 more pregnancies both within 8 months after his passing.  It’s been rough. To be completely honest, sometimes I wonder how we have done it, or how we are doing it for that matter.

That said, it is still quite hard for me to put into words just how special he really was to us. I think one day I will get there, but not today. Today, I just wanted to tell you the story of how he came into our lives.  As I am typing this, my tears have some how found a way to sneak out, or pour out I should say.  I guess when I am thinking of him, it happens easily. We love you, little boy!  1 year gone, but never, ever forgotten. 

12 thoughts on “1 Year Gone

  1. Our fur babies are so precious and are amazing supports through the toughest of times. I have two Bonnie and Clyde and I do not know what I would do without them to hug me when I need it and lick away my tears. I am so sorry for your loss even one year on I know how hard it must be xx ps he is gorgeous

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    • Thank you very much. It’s crazy how they just know when you are upset and lick away your tears! It is still so hard, but I try my best to remember the good times we had with him. I hope you still have lots of time left with your duo!


  2. It’s so sad, isn’t it? Even with everything that has happened to me these last three years, I still say that the day we put our dog Gretel down was the saddest of my life. Just awful. I, too, had my first miscarriage within a couple of months of her passing. We have another dog that is still with us, but he is definitely more my husband’s dog. Gretel was MY dog, through and through. Thinking of you and your sweet Nacho today. Our pets are with us for far too short of time on this earth. We will see them again someday, though. If there is is heaven, Gretel’s going to be the first one to greet me when I get there!

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    • I absolutely agree with you and actually told someone not to long ago, that losing Nacho was harder than our miscarriages. It is so ironic-we too, got another dog a few months later, but he is soooo my husbands dog. Like Gretel was your dog, Nacho was mine. You are right…I believe when we get to heaven, they will be right there waiting for us! Thank you for the kind words on such a hard day.


  3. Oh my, I’m getting all teary eyed now, thinking of the animals that have touched our lived over the years. I have a sudden urge to go home and hang with Charlie (my dog) like Right. Now. Losing a pet is so difficult, they’re just so innocent and always there for us in our darkest moments. Hugs to you!

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    • Thank you for the hugs! It is awful to lose a pet, or should I say family member. And it is so true what you said, they are always there for you in the darkest times when you need them most. I hope you enjoy some special time with Charlie today 🙂


  4. Your Nacho sounds like a lovely dog. I always love hearing the stories of how people and dogs come together – it sounds like Nacho was just waiting for you and your husband to arrive into his life. It sure does sound like you had an amazing time together!! And it sounds like you have so many great memories to help ease your grief. Sending you love on this hard day.

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    • He was a great doggie! Yes, I do believe we were meant to have that little guy. Today is a hard day for sure, but I am trying my best to make the best of it. Tonight, we will sprinkle some ashes around his tree that we planted for him. Thanks for the love!


  5. ❤ They really are part of our families. I feel the same way about my doggie – she's 6 years old, still with us, and I will never be prepared for the day we lose her. I'm sure Nacho is still with you and showing you his love. Kudos to you for adopting from a shelter too, I love stories like this.

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    • Thank you for your understanding. Absolutely, they are part of our families. I just wish they stuck around for longer! We always adopt or rescue… There are sooo many doggies out there in need that I cant bear the thought of doing otherwise. I hope u have many more years filled with love with your little one!

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