A New Chapter Begins

I survived Hysteroscopy #3 yesterday.  Since this was more diagnostic than operative (unlike the last time when I got that cursed balloon put in), I was only under a twilight anesthesia.  I took 3 Valium’s before the procedure as I was instructed, and they gave me Vercet (supposed to make you forget everything) and Demoral (for pain) through my IV.

Usually when I am under twilight, I remember NOTHING.  Yesterday was different.  I was actually watching the screen as they did the procedure! They told me I was very alert, and I do remember talking to them and trying my best to focus on the images.  I also remember letting out a “ughhhh” in pain, and them telling me “you are doing great, we are almost done.” Maybe I am so used to the anesthetic by now that I have built up a tolerance for it or something…who knows! Either way, it wasn’t that bad and I am actually feeling pretty good today so far.  Other than some minor bleeding and a headache, physically I’m alright.

The report from my RE was just as we had prayed for, meaning there was:

  1. No masses found
  2. No placental tissue found
  3. No scar tissue formed 

This is very positive news for us! This means the mass is completely gone and has not grown back quickly.  It also means that the various procedures have not scarred my uterus.  A scarred uterus is a big problem because an embryo cannot implant where there is scarring.  And most importantly, it means we are finally able to put this behind us and hopefully start a new chapter in our lives!

Moving forward, we now confidently know there is nothing wrong with my uterus.  The husband & I will go to my post-op appointment next week. At that appointment she will also do my very first lining check, as it worked out perfectly that I will be on day 12 of my cycle then.  This being said, my lining should be at its thickest since this is supposed to be ovulation time for a typical 28 day cycle.

This will be another big day for us.  My thin lining had been an issue during IVF 1 & 2, and that was before I had to undergo a D & C at 10 weeks pregnant, a biopsy, and 3 Hysteroscopies after IVF 3.  So, we are really praying that the lining being thin is not an issue again.  My RE seems to think it might be, and that we will need a good amount of time (maybe 3 cycles or so) for it to heal naturally.  Naturally, meaning through healthy eating, exercise, and acupuncture rather than through estrogen pills and patches.  I guess we will see what we are working with in just a few short days! 

8 thoughts on “A New Chapter Begins

    • Thank you! Well, we have done estrogen before & almost vaginal viagra once, but it ended up responding to the estrogen before I needed the viagra. The problem with using the estrogen again is that I have had fluid build up & a fibroid grow in response to it. So, in the meantime I am going to exercise & do acupuncture! I did see some positive results when doing those before. I am hoping I will again 🙂

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