Keeping up With the… Social Medians

I started playing around on social media back in 2006 or 2007, can’t remember which to be exact.  It began with My Space, then switched over to Facebook within a year or so.  Initially upon setting up my FB account, I remember only a handful of my friends were on it.  Now, everyone & their mom (literally) is on there.

After each silent loss we had, I would go through spurts of deleting my FB account and/or people off it.  I would get rid of the account itself because I couldn’t handle the constant pregnancy announcements, mixed in with the continual infant updates and toddler tantrum advice inquiries.  I got rid of some of the people simply because I hadn’t talked to them in years, or didn’t consider myself that close to them-it really wasn’t personal at all.  I was going through something, and if you can’t understand that, well, I won’t bother explaining it in further detail for you. The good news is I am over all of that.  Finally, after the 3rd loss, we decided to “come out of the closet” and create this blog, a new form of social media for us.  We decided to break the silence of our IF and RPL by linking this blog to our FB account.  It felt like a weight had been lifted off of our shoulders when we told the FB world about what we had been going through.  I also created an Instagram account around that time, but it was not related to IF or RPL…it was simply for fun. However, as our blog and our FB page grew, I began to connect with our IF friends on Instagram & decided I might as well switch that account over to being part of our IF journey, too. And so, I did.

That brings us to the present time. Social media has become such a huge part of our life. And let me tell you, keeping up on it takes time! But, I must say, I enjoy it highly or I wouldn’t do it. Right now, discussing and writing about IF, IVF, and RPL is my passion. This being said, seeing those pregnancy announcements & the such on FB or Insta doesn’t bother me like it used to.  Our accounts now have a clear purpose, and in our opinion, that purpose outweighs the occasional “stings” that come along with having it. And, although I dont say much to all the preggos & new moms out there (too hard for me still), I am truly happy for these ladies, as I wouldnt wish IF on anyone.  Plus, I’d want them to be happy for us too if the situation was reversed.

Anyways, between this blog, our FB page, and Insta account, I stay super busy at home after work, reading, commenting, and replying to fellow infertiles.  Don’t worry-my hubby helps me respond to many of the messages and/or reads the stories with me when he can.  Most recently, I have joined some private TTC groups through FB. We are considering sharing our story further, over the air (audio only!) perhaps. All of these social media outlets have been such a great release for us. We have become part of a community where we feel like we know each person so well, following their day-to-day challenges, yet we have never even met them.  If you are reading this, and you too, struggle with IF, IVF, and/or RPL, I encourage you to join this wonderful community if you haven’t yet.  In fact, it is so wonderful that my husband & I were just talking about how it would be hard to imagine actually getting and staying pregnant because of what we have become a part of here with IF. That might sound crazy but it crossed our mind! Don’t get me wrong, of course achieving and sustaining a pregnancy is the goal of everyone in this community. But I think some of you members know exactly what I am saying…once this eventually happens, things naturally change-a new chapter begins, and another ends.

As for my current Word Press TTC sisters, I am already friends with many of you on Insta and/or FB, but I would like to be friends with ALL of you!

Here is our info, find us…

FaceBook– Surviving Infertility: IVF & Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (or scroll down here & click “like us” on the right hand side)

Instagram– Surviving_INfertility

Twitter-have one, but not really using for this purpose. Any TTC ladies using it? Details please!!

tumblr-have one linked to this blog, but seems like a lot of work to make it pretty & really use it.  Images dont automatically upload over, each post opens in new link, etc.  Advice here? Might just can this one.

8 thoughts on “Keeping up With the… Social Medians

  1. That it so brave of you to link your blog to your FB account and to let everyone know your struggles. Other than my blog and TTC Instagram account I am still in the so called “Infertility Closet.” Only a handful of people know about my struggles and going forward with IVF. Best of luck to you.

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  2. Your first two paragraphs are me exactly! I’ve deactivated by FB countless times because of infertility…. As for the other social media sites, I don’t have either. I think many of us infertiles sloooowly test out the waters online, anonymously, before taking such a plunge. You’re a brave woman for making your IF struggle known! Kudos to you on that!

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  3. I think you are so brave putting your story out there. I’m too scared for all of that at the moment!
    I also sometime consider deleting Facebook as it can cause heartache at times!
    I have requested to follow you on Instagram 🙂

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