Here We Go Again

Can’t say I am looking forward to yet another Hysteroscopy later this week.  This will make Hysteroscopy number 3, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  In the future, should we choose to transfer one of our frosties, we will undergo another before our cycle begins.  

No more SIS’s for me like a typical IVF patient.  The Hysteroscopy shouldn’t miss a uterine mass, and it appears in our case, one of our SIS’s most likely did.  The Hysteroscopy is capable of doing everything the SIS should, plus more.  The main difference between the two is the Hysteroscopy is guided by a small camera placed inside the uterine cavity, whereas the SIS is guided by ultrasound only. This being said, the Hysteroscopy will pick up on even the smallest abnormality in the cavity that an ultrasound might miss.

I am hoping to wake up from the anesthesia and receive some positive news. The images my RE gives us after will hopefully provide that reassurance & we can compare them to the images from Hysteroscopy 1 & 2 for progress.  Positive news at this point would mean 3 things:

  1. No masses found
  2. No placental tissue found
  3. No scar tissue has formed

It’s now been 4 months since our 3rd loss.  However, we have been dealing with procedures surrounding pregnancy #3 since October; for a total of 8 months now.  In October we got our pre-IVF SIS, in November we started our meds, in December we transferred & got our BFP, in February we miscarried & had a D & C, we had Beta’s every week from February until April (8 weeks to drop from over 100,000 to 0), Hysteroscopy #1 in April, Hysteroscopy #2 in May, & now, (we pray the last), Hysteroscopy #3 in June.

This is not to mention that during these 8 months we have passed up Baby 1’s due date on December 24th, and Baby 2’s due date most recently on May 3rd.  So, as you can see, the road has been long and quite hard at times.  We are praying it is time for a new chapter now 🙏


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