New Arrivals!

The hubs & I made an online purchase last week & it just arrived…. Yep, that’s right…150 FDA approved Pregnancy tests, & 150 FDA approved Ovulation tests (cups included) all for the mere price of just $35.  The pregnancy tests will pick up on an HCG level of 25, which is ideal.  Buying in bulk sure beats buying the Clear Blue and First Response tests that have a measly 2 or 3 tests for $20 (or more).  Being an infertile and a recurrent miscarrier, I knew there had to be a better way in regards to buying these expensive tests.  I am pleased to say I finally found it! The reviews for these specific tests were all 5 stars, too, so I am hoping they will be good to us. 

You might be wondering why we are buying all of these tests right now anyways.  Since we know that we will not be moving forward with another FET anytime soon, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to take matters into our own hands for the time being. Aunt Flow will be in town early next week, and my follow up Hysteroscopy is just days later.  This means we will be kissing those birth control pills good riddance! 2 months of crazy pills is enough for me.

We will do our first official lining check in mid-June, to see how my endometrium is healing.  Up until the check, I plan to pee on one of those ovulation strips every day, twice a day, at that.  I know it probably sounds crazy. What’s even crazier is that I am not peeing on them with the intention of getting pregnant (not in June anyways).  We want my uterus to be healed completely before that happens. 

Why so much testing then? It’s been so long since my body has done anything on its own, that I honestly don’t know what it will do.  I want to see that I can ovulate normally still, and that my cycles are regular.  I plan to use the ovulation tests again throughout July, up until my lining check.  Who knows, maybe even in August. Remember, there are 150 of them, so I’m not being stingy.  

Being healthy again has become our first priority right now. The main reason we even wanted a zillion pregnancy tests is because once we finally get pregnant one day (we pray), we can test to our hearts desire without spending a fortune! I am a serial tester.  Sad, but true.  Once I get a positive, I will test everyday, comparing HCG lines, draining our bank account (like IVF hasn’t already). Plus, we got a better deal for a ovulation/pregnancy combo. 

Anyways, please keep us in your thoughts & prayers as my body is on its way to healing…Finally!

6 thoughts on “New Arrivals!

  1. Awesome! As your serial poa fellow, which takes quite a bit of discipline might I add, I’d like to share that adding daily BBT charting to the poa routine has really helped me understand my cycle after my last mc. Highly recommended, and I hope it gives you the same satisfaction… and needed insight!

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      • I take bbt first thing while lying down while holding it for the morning poa. Takes like 3 mins and I dont drink water or anything beforehand. I found a thermometer that reads both C and F on amazon. Took forever to arrive, but I really like it. I ended up measuring in Farenheit as I prefer that it has smaller incremental changes. It was so crazy when I saw my elevated temps (luteal phase) lasted only 9 days instead of the ideal 12-14. Now I take a B6 supplement and I’m up to 12 days, hooray.

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