From Us to You

Below is a letter that we hope to give to our future child one day.  I am sure we could go on & on, but here is what came ever so easily…

May 7, 2015

Dear ___________,

Although we are writing this before your time, we feel very confident that we will be blessed by you one day and this letter will eventually be in your hands. Let us start out by telling you how we waited so very long for you to join our lives! And secondly, we must say how awesome it is that you can read this! Smarty pants!

And since you are now reading this, I am sure your dad & I can more clearly understand how you were worth every minute of the wait. It’s not that we ever doubted your worth, because we didn’t. It was just that your dad & I endured such battles to win the war and finally bring you home! It was never easy for us. When we started trying to have you, we quickly learned that something you really want is worth fighting for. That something for us was you!  We hope you have this mindset throughout your life, too.

At times, it was so incredibly hard, we couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to actually hold you and bring you home. We can’t lie… we were frightened and excited all at once.  Your dad and I stuck by each other & never gave up on our dream of having you, and we hope you never give up on any of your dreams either.  We can only pray that one day you will find a very special person that shares your dream, and that you can spend your life with that person as your dad and I have with one another.

Everyday, before you were even in my belly (like today!), we thought about you & talked about you. We wondered if you would be a boy or girl, but either way we prayed for you to be healthy more than anything. And even if you weren’t, we promised we would love you just the same.  Your dad & I anticipated seeing you growing each week via ultrasounds. We looked forward to every birthday we would get to happily celebrate with you and the rest of our family.  We couldn’t wait for all the family trips we dreamed of taking with you to actually come true. We eagerly awaited playing games and learning with you, and helping you with all you need. We promised never to take any of these moments for granted and we hope you see that we don’t now.

Before you arrived, we also prayed you would love our doggies as much as we knew they already loved you.  Remember, they were our only babies before you came along! They stood by our side day in and day out, licking away many tears. Trust us, they were so ready to have another play mate, too! Your dad & I have always been animal lovers and we hoped one day you would exhibit a caring heart for all living things, too.

We want you to know that we will always be here to help you as you grow older. We had plenty of time to talk about your schooling, discipline, faith, health, & future before you were around.  We spent many days and nights in deep conversation about these things before you came into the world.  And although we realize no parent/child relationship will ever be perfect, and that sometimes things dont go as planned, we do hope you know we will always try to be there for you during each stage of your very important, cherished life. 

We pray you feel comfortable enough to always come to us.  But if you feel you can’t come to us for some reason, you can always go to your wonderful grandparents who have been praying over you since before you were even born! And of course, you can (and should) always go to God. He is the one who got us through each and everyday, good and bad, and I know he will do the same for you if you ask him to.  Always put your trust in him, and he wont let you down.  Promise. 

You have taught us so much already…patience, self-control, faithfulness, hope, empathy, and appreciation to name a few…thank you! We are so excited for your bright future. 

We love you to the moon & back,

~Your Parents~ 

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