Count Your Blessings

It seemed fitting, as a continuation of yesterday’s post, to discuss our blessings a little further.

As many lists as I make and have made in the past, I realized I have never made a list of blessings in my life. To be honest, I had never even considered it until I wrote yesterday’s post. 

I always make lists of pro’s and con’s when I have a decision at hand, to-do lists, supply lists, checklists, and so forth.  These lists seem to make my life run easier. I can see in black and white what I most need to accomplish and how to do it. 

So why no list of blessings? I think its easy to overlook, especially while trying to survive infertility, or any other trial in life for that matter. And also maybe because as a culture, at times we have programmed ourselves to think of blessings as “presents” or “gifts” almost, rather than simple things that many people dont have, and would be so grateful for if they did.  

But the truth is, focusing on your blessings will bless you.  It will help put things into perspective and keep you out of despair. 

Here is a quick list of 25 of our blessings to start:

  1. Our marriage 
  2. A relationship with God
  3. Our immediate families
  4. Our extended families
  5. Heaven & Earth
  6. Our friends 
  7. Good health 
  8. An education
  9. Our home & everything in it
  10. Our pets
  11. Our careers
  12. A car
  13. Clean water
  14. Food
  15. Freedom
  16. Prayer 
  17. The bible
  18. Feelings-both good & bad 
  19. Nature
  20. Weather
  21. Animals of all kinds 
  22. Energy
  23. Rest
  24. Doctors & medicine 
  25. Technology

It would be great if we keep adding to this list instead of finding the urge to wallow in self-pity from time to time (easier said than done). 

God Bless 😇 


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