Irony at its Best

Well, I am back on the pill again.  Birth control pill that is.  Seems ironic to be on the pill when you are TTC, doesn’t it?!  I have always hated the pill.  It has a tendency to turn me into some kind of mad woman and I get queasy on it, too. To think, all those years we wasted our money on it and didn’t need to.  That money could have went to the “fertility fund.”  Sigh. Anyways, I am on the pill again so we can predict my menstrual cycles and schedule the upcoming surgeries appropriately.  Also, because in case there was a miracle, and we did get pregnant on our own, it isnt safe with the mass.  Or, if we got pregnant, didn’t know, and had the surgeries done, it would harm, if not terminate the pregnancy.

What really irritates me is that when I go to pick up the prescription, and I fork over my bank card to pay, the pharmacist nicely says, “no charge.”  Um, excuse me, what? No charge? I was assuming I would just dish out another $50 bucks (minimal) or so as usual, per prescription.  Nope, birth control is fully covered.  But things like prenatal vitamins, folic acid, among many others, are not.  Makes a lot of sense to the infertile, let me tell you.

I assumed I was just getting the 2 months worth, but when I got home & opened the bag up, there was enough for 5 months! Who knows why. I know I am surely not taking it that long.  I can’t wait to be done with it as it is. 



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