It’s Official

Well, some more test results have drizzled in.  Thyroid panel came back normal again, along with Thyroid antibody panel. Factor V Leiden also came back negative again, along with no protein c & s deficiencies (new test).

Although my Lupus anticoagulant panel came back slightly elevated (43 and <40 is normal) the second time it was done just a few weeks ago, (first time it was 37 back in October), there is not much more we can do to treat this, other than the daily blood thinner and aspirin, as we did the last time. This repeat test basically confirms I should continue the Lovenox in any future pregnancies.

As far as the low glucose goes, I have been blessed to come across a free meter.  I plan to monitor my levels closely on my own for awhile.  If there is a true problem, I believe I can try to manage it myself.  Overall, I am a healthy person who does not mind putting in some research time on what works and doesn’t.  I refuse to just start popping more pills or shooting up more injections just yet.

We can now say that we have done every possible test proven to be linked to recurrent miscarriage here in the United States (I know I have some Canada/UK followers out there).  As of yesterday, there is now officially a big, fat check mark next to every factor on the list.  Finally.  

What does this mean? It means we can confidently say we have done all we can possibly do on our end, and thus, we will have no regrets or “maybe we should have…” if or when we choose to move forward in the future.


7 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. There are a few doctors (3) in the USA who specialize in RPL and reproductive immunology and do much more extensive testing then normal RE’s. While I really hope you never get to the point of needing one If them, if you ever get to the point where you decide to investigate further let me know and I’ll share what we found.

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    • Is this one of them? in CA?
      I have looked into the immunology too. I just keep getting conflicting info on it. When I look at American Society of Reproductive Med, they say IVIG therapy doesn’t show any proven benefit to RPL. Im not saying I believe them, or my dr. who agrees with them. And I would love to hear what immunology testing u did and what u found as I see a lot of buzz about it, as if it could work. Also, did you go through any IVIG treatments?


      • IVIG is not necessarily an outcome of seeing an RI. It was not on our treatment protocol. I’ll send you a link to my posts on RI when I’m at my computer later today. We went to Dr. Braverman in NYC. There is also one in Chicago and on in Vegas. I’m not sure about the on you mention in CA as they didn’t come up in my search as one of the best.
        Honestly, after 5 losses we did it because we were desperate for an answer. There is a lot of controversy around it, but we needed an answer and we got one which allowed us to move to adoption without hesitation.

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      • That would be great. Thank u so much! I cannot even fathom 3 more losses. Seriously. We feel desperate for answers now thats why we are doing all these tests. And we def dont want to do anymore IVFs if there is something underlying we havent found yet. Again I appreciate it so much!


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