Where Are We Now?

The hubs & I spent our Saturday night grocery shopping at Publix (fun! fun!). As we were walking past the clearance end cap, something caught my eye. 


I jabbed Shane in his side like we had just hit the lotto. “Look! look!” I yelped, as I snatched up the tests.  If you aren’t aware of the regular costs of these off hand, let me tell you-they are about $20 a box, maybe more! As you can see, $5 a box was a hell of a deal (and no they are not expired or opened). 

Shane couldn’t believe it when he saw them either. We threw them in the cart & continued on our way as if nothing had just occurred. But, something had just occurred, whether we realized it at that precise moment or not. Something quite major if you ask me. 

Without directly saying it, we solidified that we aren’t done trying yet. Or that at least in our hearts, we don’t want to be. Even after all the pain, the desire is still somehow within us. 

So, we came home & discussed all of our options. 

1. Don’t try at all anymore, ever. 

2. Take a long break, then try on our own. 

3. Start trying on our own immediately following my surgery (ovulation kits, basal, pre-seed, etc.).

4. Embark in another FET following my surgery (3 embryos left) in a few months. 

5. Embark in another FET down the road. 

6. Adopt. 

We have not made any final decisions, but we have narrowed it down a little at least. We know that ultimately only we can make the decision on how we proceed, regardless of what others recommend we do. 

In the meantime, we will continue to pray, heal, love each other, and apparently, pick up pregnancy tests on clearance. 

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