All You Need is a Little Hope

I enjoyed a much needed night out last night with one of the besties, JS. She always helps me put things into perspective. We had dinner, drinks, & most importantly, some laughs. 

As we speak, I am sitting at Quest. I thought we would have a full house here this Saturday morning, and intended to be here at least an hour or so. But someone must be looking out for me, because there is only 1 person before me in the waiting room! That’s right, just 1.  Thank you, God, for knowing I was not happy about coming here again. 

I have had a thyroid panel done in the past several times and it always comes back normal. In light of thenewest sugar discovery, my doctor wants me to get a thyroid peroxidase AB done. This is basically a thryoid antibody test. It would be highly unlikely for this to come back abnormal since my TSH, T3, & T4 are in normal range. We will see. 

Im also getting proteins C & S checked. I looked a little into this, lots of jargon & what not. Seems it is rare, but could play into all this antibody stuff. Who knows.

Hubs is off today, for once, and we plan to go enjoy this beautiful 75 degree sunshiny day on the beach. Hopefully with no talks off any infertility bs.  I have hope & thats all we need right now.  In fact, this little guy has been roaming around our yard for days now.  Im positive he is a sign of all the wonderful changes that will come our way soon. 


3 thoughts on “All You Need is a Little Hope

  1. Ang There are good things in store for you and Shane Hope is all we have Faith of a mustard seed will carry you into good health. Always praying for you and Shane Love Dad

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