And the list goes on…More Results

I got some results back from my metabolic panel.  The nurse said it appears I have low blood sugar. This is all quite new and confusing to me, but I guess “normal” blood sugar is in the 70-100 range, and mine is dipping down into the 40’s.

At times, I have somewhat suspected something was up over the years.  For instance, if I don’t eat every few hours, I start to feel possessed and irate.  My stomach aches and growls, and I feel blood rushing to my head frequently.  I am super tired all the time, especially after I eat.  And when I was pregnant, it was even worse.  I literally NEVER stopped eating. I know many women say this, but it was truly out of control.  Hey, at least now we understand a little bit more why I’ve been acting this way.

The little research I have done so far tells me that high blood sugar is more common than what we have, low blood sugar. We really do not know if this could have played into our miscarriages.  However, we do know that according to the ASRM, “poorly controlled diabetes increases the risk of miscarriage.”

I also had my Antiphospholipid Syndrome panel repeated again last week, which I had done after our 2nd loss.  It came back normal after the 2nd loss, but this time my Lupus Anticoagulant PTT LA Screen came back slightly elevated (normal is less than <40 and mine was 43).  I have no clue what this means. Again, I just know we were having it tested because, “In women who have high levels of Antiphospholipid antibodies, pregnancy outcomes are improved by the use of aspirin and heparin.”  Well, I was on BOTH aspirin and Lovenox the past pregnancy and we still lost it.  So, regardless, there isn’t really much we can do with this one!

All this being said, we are meeting with the doctor later next week to discuss the plan of action for the sugar treatment, and of course the results of the biopsy too.  Heck, maybe I’ll even throw in all our questions about the Adenomyoma she plans to remove. Guess we better get our list of questions for her rolling again.


3 thoughts on “And the list goes on…More Results

  1. Don’t give up. I most likely have Lupus and am being treated with Plaquenil. Have you ever been tested for Factor V Leiden? It’s a blood clotting disorder and it’s apparently common in patient’s with Lupus. I had 2 miscarriages before having 3 more healthy babies. I already had one to start with. After the miscarriages, I was put on 1 baby aspirin a day with all my pregnancies to prevent blood clots. These blood clots don’t only get in your legs, lungs, heart, but can also get in the umbilical cord and placenta. That is how “we” found out that we have Factor V Leiden. My sister lost a baby when she was 5 1/2 months pregnant. Thank God they biopsied and checked out the umbilical cord and placenta to see if they could figure out why this would just all of a sudden happen. None of my pregnancies were easy, but with lots of bed rest and following doctor’s orders, I managed to have 4 perfectly healthy babies. I wish you the best on your journey. Maybe if you don’t concentrate on it as much, it will happen when the time is right. Keep the faith. I know it is discouraging and I remember how sad I was with both miscarriages. It will happen, so stay strong. I can’t wait til I read on your blog the announcement!!!!!!! I’ll add you to my prayer list. Take care. xx

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    • Thank u. Yes, I have been tested for Factor 5 once and it came back negative. I just retested it this past week. Im sorry to hear you and your sister went through what u did. Its the worst. All of our pregnancies/miscarriages were via IVF, due to male factor, so its very hard not to think about it. We appreciate the prayers.

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      • Yes, unfortunately we know it is the worst. I don’t know about you, but most women begin to love the baby growing within the womb, just as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. This makes it ever so difficult to have to go through all this. I still believe you will make it happen, somehow, some way, God will bless you with a child(ren). Keep the faith and I’ll continue to pray for you on your difficult journey. I know how it felt to lose 2, but I did go on to have 4 healthy babies. These babies did not replace the 2 I lost. I guess, it just lessened the sadness, or something like that. Believe and you shall receive. Take care and do NOT lose hope! This will happen, as you do appear to be young and have a lot of time. Keeping you in my prayers. xx

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